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Kathleen Mary Tillotson (ed.), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 4: 1844–1846

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MS British Museum.

Athenaeum | Twenty Seventh January 1844

My Dear Sir

A very intimate and valued friend of mine—Mr. Forster, the author of the Lives of the Statesmen of The Commonwealth: who does the literary portion of Fonblanque's4 paper, the Examiner—is desirous of propounding to you a subject pg 34on which he wishes to write an article for the Edinburgh;1 and has asked me to make him known to you. What is the best mode of doing so? Shall I ask you whether his notion is agreeable? or shall I tell him that he may consider himself introduced?

A word in reply, will oblige me.

I am thinking of my little paper,2 and shall not fail to be punctual.

  •                                    Always My Dear Sir | Faithfully Yours
  • Professor Napier.                                   Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
3 Macvey Napier, FRS (1776–1847; DNB), editor of the Edinburgh Review: see Vol. ii, p. 315n.
Editor’s Note
4 Albany Fonblanque (1793–1872; DNB), editor of the Examiner 1830–47: see Vol. i, p. 20n.
Editor’s Note
1 Forster wrote to Napier on 12 Feb specifying the subject: "You may be aware that there have been some Chancery Proceedings lately in the matter of the Christmas Carol: and some affidavits in the case of a most extraordinary character (sworn by the opposite party) happening to come before me, I spoke to Mr. Dickens of the materials they offered for an article on the subject of Copyright and the strange class of low pirates, and so-called literary people, who here in London hang on the skirts of literature" (MS BM). Nothing came of this project; but as a result of the introduction, Forster in Sep wrote an article on William Tooke's edition of Charles Churchill for the Edinburgh, published Jan 45; and also a review of The Chimes (see To Forster, ?3–4 Nov 44, fn).
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