William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Alan G. Hill (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 4: The Later Years: Part I: 1821–1828 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: The Hon'ble Commissioners, Stamp Office, London.
  • Postmark: 26 Apr. 1821.
  • Stamp: Kendal Penny Post.
  • Endorsed: William Wordsworth Esqr Rydal Mount Ambleside 23 April 1821.
  • MS. Public Record Office. Hitherto unpublished.

[In John Carter's hand]

  • Rydal Mount, Ambleside
  • 23 April, 1821—

Hon'ble Sirs,

In reply to your Letter of the 11 Inst, I beg to forward the Copy of a Letter from Messrs: Sherwen and Son,1 and also the Copy of a Letter received from Mrs: White,2 which will explain the cause of the delay.—

I deem it right to add, in justice to Mr: White, that having been appointed by me at the commencement of my Distributorship, I have not had occasion, in any one Instance, to complain of inattention or irregularity, during the eight years which he has held the Office.

  • I have the Honor to be,     
  • Hon'ble Sirs,               
  • Your ob: Servant          
  • [signed] Wm Wordsworth   


  • Whitehaven
  • 14 April 1821


The Residuary Amount of the Revd Wm Thompson3 as Executor of his Sister Eliz: Fisher, deceased, was delivered into Mr: White, the Stamp Distributor in this Town and the Duty thereon, amounting to £3.13.4 paid to him on the 3rd Day of April Inst:

The Letter addressed to the Revd Mr: Thompson dated '4th Ap: 1821' containing a palpable misstatement and Falsehood, was pg 60written and sent off to Mr: Thompson by our Clerk, unknown to us, and we should be sorry indeed if Mr: White should incur any blame, in consequence of the negligence and inattention of those in our employment.

  • We are Sir,          
  • Your obt Servants    
  • [signed] Richard Sherwen and Son  

To Wm Wordsworth Esq.—

Whitehaven 21 Apr: 1821—


The enclosed was put into the Post Office on the 14 Inst: in a Letter from Mr: White to Mr: Wordsworth but by not being addressed (an oversight I cannot account for) had gone to the General Post Office, I suppose, and was returned here last night.—Mr: White being from home I delayed opening it until his return, but receiving your Letter this Evening, stating your uneasiness in not having an Answer, I take the liberty of stating the Reason.

  • I am Sir,               
  • Your ob: Servant     
  • [signed] B. White   .

[John Carter adds]

Mr: Wordsworth's Day of transmission is on the first Tuesday in the month, that of his Subs: on the Tuesday preceding, so that the Rect: in Question could not have been sent in Mr: Wordsworth's Par1 of the 3rd Inst.

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Editor’s Note
1 Richard Sherwen and Son, Whitehaven attorneys.
Editor’s Note
2 Wife of William White, W. W.'s Sub-distributor at Whitehaven.
Editor’s Note
3 Unidentified.
Editor’s Note
1 i.e. Parcel.
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