William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Alan G. Hill (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 4: The Later Years: Part I: 1821–1828 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 694389. W. W. to ALLAN CUNNINGHAM

  • Address: A Cunningham Esqre, F. Chantrey's Esqre, Pimlico [In M. W.'s hand]
  • Postmark: 26 Dec. 1828.
  • MS. Mr. W. Hugh Peal.
  • K(—). LY i. 341 (—).

  • Rydal Mount
  • 20th Decbr [1828]

My dear Friend,

Pray prepare one of my Busts for Mr Barron Field, who will be in Town in Spring—and will receive and pay you for it. He is going out to Ceylon as Advocate Fiscal, and wishes to take it along with him, being one of my most ardent admirers. He is also a particular Friend of Mr Charles Lamb. I hope my Nephew has received his at Oxford.—

As I have an opportunity of sending this to London without putting you to the expense of Postage I may without scruple conclude with best wishes for you and yours at the coming Christmas—

Does the Scotch selection go on?

  • ever faithfully your Friend       
  • Wm Wordsworth   

[In M. W.'s hand]

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I have received directions for the Bust, which I mentioned to you some time since to be sent to Edinburgh, 'to be addressed to R. S. Wilson Esq, Royal Bank, Edin. It should be sent by Sea to Leith in the first place, and the sooner the better.'

Mrs W. begs to join her own good wishes to those of her husband, for the health and happiness of Mr A. C. and his family.

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