William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Alan G. Hill (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 4: The Later Years: Part I: 1821–1828 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: To the Hon'ble Commissioners, Stamp Office, London.
  • Postmark: 11 May 1822.
  • Stamp: Kendal Penny Post.
  • Endorsed: Mr Wordsworth Rydale Mount Ambleside 7 May 1822. Ansd 13 May 1822.
  • MS. Public Record Office. Hitherto unpublished.

[In John Carter's hand]

  • Rydal Mount, Ambleside,
  • 7 May 1822—

Hon'ble Sirs,

I beg to be informed how the Executor under the Will of the late Mr: Backhouse,1 must account for the duty on the Annuities to Mrs: Backhouse and Miss Backhouse, which are bequeathed under the following peculiar circumstances.—

  • I have the Honor to be          
  • Hon'ble Sirs        
  • Your obedient Servant    
  • [signed] Wm Wordsworth   

Testator directs his Executor to deduct from Miss B's Income £50 per Annum, to be paid to Mrs: B towards Housekeeping so long as they live together:—In case they do not live together, then to deduct from Miss B's Income £25 pr. Ann: and pay the same to Mrs: B:

The Parties yet live together: The Executor considers £25 pr: Ann: as a sufficient compensation for Miss B's Board and that the additional £25 was left in order to induce the Parties to live together.—

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Editor’s Note
1 According to a memorandum added to this letter, an annuity of £50 out of income was bequeathed by the Will to the Testator's sister Cicely. The executors were to pay this amount as her share and contribution towards housekeeping expenses to Elizabeth Backhouse (the wife) as long as they lived together. An annuity of £25 to the wife was to take the place of this arrangement if the two separated.
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