William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 6: The Later Years: Part III: 1835–1839 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 4501158. W. W. to DORA W.

  • Address: Miss Wordsworth, W. Smith Esq, Chatham Docks, Chatham.
  • Franked: London August twenty five 1837 Jas Stephen.
  • Postmark: 25 Aug. 1837.
  • MS. WL.
  • LY ii. 891.

  • Broadstairs Thursday morning
  • [24 Aug. 1837]

My dearest Dora

Mr and Miss Rogers were gone when I reached Canterbury, it was not till near six; so I had to sleep there which with expenses of coaches before I got here cost me 12 shillings. I was called at 4 in the morning, hired a fly at Ramsgate, reached this door between 7 and 8. I wished much to write to you yesterday as I did to Mother, but I was engaged in various ways till it was too late: I found much difficulty in reading the enclosed Letter as I fear you will also. Yesterday was shocking bad weather, today is bright and pleasant, which I am especially glad of for your sakes, as you will I trust enjoy your trip to Sheerness. This is a very pleasant, though not a particularly amusing place; but the drives are agreeable; yesterday I went with Rogers to Margate, and to Kingsgate but it rained so we could not get out of the Carriage. We shall go again. Next Wednesday, I trust, I shall be in London. Probably today I shall write to Mrs Howley, and if convenient I will go for two days to visit them, perhaps it would be as well you should stay at Chatham till my return, but all this may be fixed in time. The air is very bracing here today, and I think would agree well with Miss Fenwick and yourself. But Ramsgate may be as good and is no doubt much more amusing on account of the size of the harbour, the fine quays or piers, and the multitude of vessels.—I am quite sorry this Letter was not sent off yesterday but really my dear Child it was no fault of mine. Love to Mr and Mrs Smith and your Cousin Mary1 and kind remembrances to Mr [  ?  ]2

  • affectionately      
  • W. W.  

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Editor’s Note
1 Mary Smith (b. 1818), who lated lived at Rydal.
Editor’s Note
2 MS. obscure. Perhaps Mr. Nicholson of Rochester.
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