William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 6: The Later Years: Part III: 1835–1839 (Second Revised Edition)

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1355. W. W. to EDWARD MOXON

  • MS. untraced.
  • K (—). LY iii. 1149.

Rydal Mount, Dec. 13th, [1839]2

… Pray send us down a dozen copies of the new edition, and, if you have them, the like number of the Yarrow done up as those last sent, there being a great demand for them in this neighbourhood. I received from Mr Quillinan your message this morning; the last part of the proofs was sent off before it arrived…. I have done all that can be done for you in Hartley's case, both directly, and through the medium of a common friend; but he now avoids us both, and tells every one who speaks on the subject to him that 'he is going to send off the last remainder of the copy next day', and this has been the case for the last month or six weeks. It is, therefore, evident that you must trust nothing to him in future. He cannot be relied on for unperformed work that is to be done in a limited time. This is a great pity, for both his genius and talents are admirable. As to poor dear Southey, there is [as] yet no improvement in him to warrant a confident hope that he ever will be able to complete any of his unfinished works. He is prepared, I understand, to give up the continuation of the Admirals,3 and I trust will do the same in respect to his engagement with you. In this distressing pg 747affair I can do no more than I have done. When you see Mr Rogers, do not fail to remember us affectionately to him. And if dear Miss Lamb be well enough, let her be reminded of us when you see her….

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Editor’s Note
2 Incorrectly assigned to 1842 by Knight and de Selincourt.
Editor’s Note
3 Southey wrote The Lives of the Admirals, with an Introductory View of the Naval History of England, in five volumes, 1833–40, for Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia. The fifth volume was completed by Robert Bell. See Jack Simmons, Southey, 1945, pp. 193–4.
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