Frances [Fanny] Burney [D'Arblay]

Joyce Hemlow (ed.), The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), Vol. 6: France 1803–1812: Letters 550–631

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Diary Entries (Berg), 1 Jan.—1 Dec. 1807

The notebook was edited and annotated by FBA in later years, and its was probably then that some 13 leaves were torn away: pp. 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 (dates 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 18 Janvier, respectively) and pp. 36, 38, 40, 44, 83, 85, 90 (4, 8, 12, 20 Mars, 7, 10, 20 Juin, respectively):

p. 40, 12 Mars: ※※

[An Index in the hand of Madame d'Arblay]

[Madame d'Arblay's pagination of preliminary blank pages]

Placement d'Argent


State of Cash …


Receipts & dues …


[pp. 3 to 26 are torn away & missing]



pg 793



—— d°


Cash in Hand & Recd for 1807





detail of Expences — .




List of Alex.' Books.


[This refers to printed page no. 51]

Directions. 2d




[pp. 48 to 54 are torn away & missing]

Debts — —




Books read in 1807.


[pp. 39 to 46 are torn away & missing]

Reading planned for 1807 —


Letters Written in 1807 —


Visits Paid in 1807.


Visits Recd in 1807.


[p. 37 is blank]

[No such list found in notebook]

Visits à faire in 1807.


Correspondance intended for 1807


Letters Recd in 1807.


[pp. 29 t0 32 are torn away & missing]

[Such a list actually appears on page 38]

Work intended —.


à acheter— — —.


Public Places seen in 1807 —


[Accounts in the hand of Monsieur d'Arblay]        [p.] 1

Chez Mr David hipotequès sur la maison de Passy —

— — —


Chez Mr hom — — — — — — — —


chez Mr Ragon payables le — — — — —


preté à mon Oncle Bazille — 3500f [blot]

Sur quoi — — 500ll què sont à Précourt.

et [sic] 2400 à doivent être —

pg 794

retranchés reste à — — — — —

⟨  ⟩600.

Estimation du petites rentes de Joigny —


Chez Mr Monnot — — — —


à la Caisse du ⟨          ⟩


[p.] 2

j'ai de ma place à l'Interieur —


     de ma retraite — — — — —


     chez M. David. —


     chez Mr hom — — — —


     Chez mon Oncle — — —


     chez Mr Gillet rien jusqu'au mois de … …. et ensuite


Rentes à Joigny que je recevria quant

il plaira à Dieu —



Total de ce que j'ai en France



    Dans le pays de ma femme


Pension de Mde D'Arblay


Loye[r] de notre petite Cottage


interêst de ca qui nous ni dû


environ — 300 — à — — —


[p.] 34

Correspondance intended for 1807.


Diary Entries (Berg), 1 Jan.–1 Dec. 1807

Mon cher Pere

Me de Maisonneuve

Mrs. Astley

My Esther

Notre oncle

Miss Planta

My dear James


Made Meignen

My dear Charles


Made d'Henin

My dear Charlotte

Ma Tante Rebecca


My Fredy —

Charlotte Francis

Mrs. Fermor

My Amine

Mrs. Waddington


My Mr. Lock.

Miss Cambridge

Me de Duras

Fanny Phillips

Miss Baker

Me Greffulle


Miss Thrale

M. Hennet

Good Susan Adams

Mrs. Rishton

Made Eliza Lally

Mrs. Disney

Mrs. Cooke

pg 795[p.] 36

Visits à faire in 1807.


Me de Maisonneuve

Me Grivel

Made de Craon

Me L'abbesse de M.

Mrs. Boyd

Mlle D'alpy.

Mede Tessé

Me Pinkney

Me Victor de Maubourg


Me de Souza

Nourrice de M. Lally

Me de Maubourg

Me de Grandmaison

Me de Boinville

Me de Beauvau


Me L'heure —

Me de Cadignan

Me Ragon

Mme de Poix —

Me Chastel

Me de Laval

Mme de Simiane

Me de Craon


Mme de Tracey

Mrs. Potts.

Me Cherton

Mme de Montagu

Me de Pougens

Me de Duras.

Mme de Grammont

Me Greffulle

Mlle de la Jacqueminière

Mme du Maubourg

Me de Scitivaux

Me de Villers.

Mme d'yenville

Me Hix

Notre oncle —

Mme Meignen

Me de la Fayette

Mme Amelia de

Mme de Maubourg Beau⟨fremont⟩

Me Gaudy

Made Gassendi —

Mme d'Henin

Me de Duras

Made Allart

Me de Tracy

[p.] 47

Time of lecture.


40.        24 minutes.

jeudi 1 Janvier 1807

The little Journalière memorandums I shall now make, beyond what belong to business, engagements, money matters & memory-aids of daily passing affairs, are destined for Thee, my Boy, my Alex! to retrace to thy ideas & remembrance the days we pass together when — — I will not finish my phrase at present—

We opened this Year, which opens upon the 12th year completed of our Boy, by regaling him with a Terrestrial & pg 796celestial Globe, A Pocket Book almanac, & a penknife. And in the Evening, joined by Maria, we began with him Gilblas. A work of exquisite powers for knowledge of mankind & the World, exhibited with address, ingenuity, humour, & wit.

samedi 3 Janvier

We all went to the Theatre Louvois or Theatre de l'Impera-trice, to see Mediocre et rampant, les 3 Rivaux., et the comic farce of Moliere La Comtesse d'E[scarbagnas] as, which was admirably humoured by the actress, who gave it a placid mock dignity very characteristic of its intention. The 2 other are pretty pieces of the day, but the first is d'un longeur quite maussade for mere dialogue without variety of incident or strong character.

dimanche 4 Janvier

The 4th I had the honour to accompany Me de Tessé et Mde de la Rochefoucault to a Seance where a professor, M. Guivaud, a German, demonstrated the powers of teaching or making a Memory! & gave proofs the most satisfactory that an artificial Memory may really be created. In what degree it may be rendered retentive, how far extended, experience only can shew: but the opening is promising & the idea is delightful in its perspective.

lundi 5 Janvier

Alas!—the Day which precedes That which gave & which lost me the beloved sister of my soul—Peace to her gentle Spirit! endless peace!—

mardi 6 Janvier

O Day so hailed! so cherished! where now is your delight? departed with Her sweet Spirit whose breath made its charm! Ah, lovely—loved Spirit! Hover over Me & Mine! View my inalterable love—my never wandering regret & grief! & pray, my Susan! pray for Mine & Me! & our final re-union in Realms of Peace immortal.

pg 797jeudi 8 Janvier

V[isit]. Maria dines nearly every other day with us—& [xxxxx 8½ lines]

mardi 13 Janvier

We all made an extremely agreeable visit to Made de Tessé, who well answers the account given of her là bas by my better Half as being one of the first Women of the French best society. Her conversation mingles instruction with playful amusement, immediate observation with well stored ancient anecdote, & a philosophical candour in the view of all, as rare as it is edifying.

jeudi 15 Janvier

B[ook]. We are reading Gilblas with our Boy; it is extraordinary to say that I read it with him for the first time to both! I began when extremely Young, & remember only Leonora & the subterraneous dwelling, which made a forcible & permanent impression upon my mind, & I remember something of Don Alphonso & Seraphina; nothing else, for I was so disgusted with the monotony of worthless & selfish characters, that, not of an age to make a moral for myself, nor yet to find the Wit an equivalent for its want, I renounced the whole, with juvenile indignation, as a picture of fraud, vice, & licentious-ness. I read it now, however, with a better sense of its merit, but with ceaseless care, aided by my excellent Partner in all, that our Boy shall have the sel, the grain alone of the work, & none of the Chaff.

dimanche 18 Janvier

V[isit]. Again we all went to Made de Tessé, & again were all charmed with her enlightening & enlivening conversation: & I—of course—was charmed yet more, on our return, when my Boy, speaking of her admirable manner of recounting an anecdote, said: she told it just like one of Addison's Guardians!

mercredi 4 Fevrier

A long, perilous & disgracefully cruel process between the Widow & the Brother & Sister of our lamented Bood was this pg 798day finally cut short by an accommodation which gave a third of what he left for dispute to each:—of what he has left for kind-ness, good will, & regret—I would a larger portion were merited by mere disinterested grief!—He loved you, my Boy, with fondness—with admiring & even parental partiality; cherish his memory, & try to justify the high opinion he entertained from your early promises.

mardi 10 Février

We all went—we three are All to we three!—(almost) to the Theatre National de l'opera Comique, where we saw [see p. 803]

vendredi 13 Février

[Evidently in the hand of Louise Dubuisson]

receu 79ll pour un quartier de mes gages du le 13 jinvie

                       Louise Dubuisson

samedi 21 Février

V[isit]. Made de Cadignan, full of her most pleasing attrac-tions, gay, chatty, voluble,—yet serious, sentimental & affec-tionate,—has just left me, impressed with affright & grief for my dearest Made de Maisonneuve, by relating that the estimable, excellent ami-able Victor has been wounded in a recent Battle at Libnitz —! —

dimanche 22 Février

could I believe her sincere, how I would love the society of Mme de Cadignan!

lundi 23 Février

V[isit]. My dearest Made de Maisonneuve has just spent an hour or two with me, giving some vent to her full heart & terror for her dearly & deservedly beloved Brother of whom no personal news is arrived, though his being wounded is con-firmed. I would fain have kept her all day, & sought to sooth her terrible anxiety; but she had all her family to visit & commune with—may she soon be relieved!

pg 799mercredi 25 Février

The Bulletin is published—le pauvre Victor de Maubourg has a balle dans le bras! Je plains bien sa famille, who have yet no news whatever of their Sons Alfred & Rodolphe & I grieve for M. La Fayette & his admirable Wife, who know nothing yet of their only & excellent Son!

jeudi 26 Février

V[isit]. M. Lajard spent the day with us to meet Maria, & felicitate her upon the arrangement of her affairs with the family of her late excellent Husband.

samedi 28 Février

Recapitulation Fevrier

Public Places

Theatre Opera Comique National


visits paid



visits Recd

Made de Maisonneuve 5. M. Lajard 2

Maria — — — — 10

Made de Cadignan. 1


Letters Recd From

Notre Oncle. 1 Made de Maisonneuve. 1.

Maria — .15.


Letters written To -

Maria — 5. Made de Maisonneuve 1.




dimanche 1 Mars

V[isit]. My dear Made de Maisonneuve with her Maxime made us a long morning visit most amiably: & afterwards came Made pg 800de Maubourg & Made Pinkney—all 3 socially obliging & pleasing & friendly, but all in continual uneasiness for Sons, Brothers, Nephews! Victor wounded—Alfred with a foot gelée en Pologne, Rodolphe with des engelures so painful, being open, that pursuing his military career is constant suffering!—& Florimond at Constantinople, menaced perpetually by Russia!—

lundi 2 Mars

V[isit]. Made de Tessé made me a kind & charming visit, & her intelligence, her politeness, her wit, & her beneficence make the favour with which she honours me a real delight to me.

mercredi 4 Mars

B[ook]. My Boy finished Carver's Tour in America, or Journey on the borders of the Mississippi: which has given him very great pleasure, as it is filled with curious accounts of the customs & manners of the Americans, interspersed with such adventures & anecdotes as occurred to, or were well authenticated to the Traveller.

dimanche 8 Mars

V[isit]. My Alex & I visit Me de Scitivaux & her Tancrede. The Mere is pleasing, well bred, & amiable, though extreme in following the Drapery mode, to her utter disadvantage, 1st because she is thin & meagre, & next, because she thinks it the contrary, so that want of taste is augmented by want of vanity. I would not say by want of Modesty, for the mode is now so general that the Eye is accustommed to look at the pictoresque habits without more comment than at those they imitate in statues & pictures.

V[isit]. I missed my Made de Maisonneuve —

jeudi 12 Mars

(B[ook]) My own little Boy! thou hast read to me to day a Guardian of the incomparable Addison with as much intelligence & pleasure as if from 12 thou hadst skipt to 22 years of age! The opening of thy mind is my greatest delight; when pg 801shall I be equally satisfied with the amelioration of thy temper—manners—humour? my poor little 'Savage': there is much indeed to do there!—

vendredi 13 Mars

We read every Evening when he returns from school Gilblas together—C.a.d. he sups, I prepare his affairs, & Papa is the Lecturer. It is by no means a painting of men & manners I should have chosen to present to him so early, but for the very peculiar simplicity of his ignorance of all mankind & their ways, & we hope, therefore, by reading this too exact description of their frauds, selfishness, & general worthlessness with him aloud, to make all that is wrong a warning by the comments & observations with which we accompany every recital; & his excellent Father judiciously omits or changes all such passages as might tarnish the lovely purity of his innocence by any dangerous impressions.

vendredi 20 Mars

V[isit]. I received the ci-devant duchesse de Duras, jadis Mlle Kersaint, who has an air of goodness that pleases, though she is very plain; & an agreeable voice & manner, with a total freedom from affectation or airs of any sort. She seems sensible, & looks happy. She knew Mrs. William Lock, & we talked of that beloved family—could her visit be otherwise than welcome?—

mardi 24 Mars

Me piroton victoire

Rue opencourt no 92—

jeudi 26 Mars

Marie—No 46. Rue Roule vis à vis rue Mousse,

dimanche 7 Juin

V[isit]. Our beloved Uncle spent the day here, as chearful & as chearing as if he were still 30 years of age, & with a mingled archness & pleasantry with knowledge of the world & satire, that render his conversation delightful.

pg 802mercredi 10 Juin

V[isit]. The instructive & good M. Norry spent the afternoon with us, & described various of the embellishments intended still, as well as executing at this moment, of Paris, with so masterly & artist-like a skill that his discourse gave as much knowledge as pleasure.

jeudi 11 Juin

V[isit]. My always dear Mme de Maisonneuve makes me a long & sweet visit this afternoon, but shocks me with an account that her poor sister in Law, Me victor de Maubourg, has the dropsy, & that the celebrated & humane & learned—not, alas, religious!—M. Cabanis has had a stroke of apoplexy! M. Sebastiani, whom we met at Dr. Bourdois formerly, & who is now ambassador at Constantinople, has lost his Wife who was Mme de Coigny.

samedi 20 Juin

V[isit]. My beloved & most kind Me de Maisonneuve has been with me every day regularly this week, with affectionate anxiety, my health being much deranged—but I have reason to hope it will soon be re-established from its present ameliora-tion. I have been compelled to call in M. Gouart which cost me some pain—so little erst—did I dream of applying to any one for health but the Brother of Bood!—alas! it is because 'tis his Brother I now can apply no longer! for he would not be feed; & how owe an obligation to one from whom we have been thus estranged?—

Mr. Humphreys has called to ask for commissions to my dear Father! ah!—could I be their bearer myself!—

samedi 7 Novembre

[laundry lists and cryptic accounts, not printed here]

mardi 1 Décembre

Tracy 2d Bat. 56e 4. Corps.

pg 803Public Places visited in 1807.



Theatre Louvois — Les 3 Rivaux.

Mediocre et Rampant. Csse d'Escarbagnas.


Theatre National de L'Opera Comique

Don Quichotte; L'Intrigue au Fenetre Les 3 Hussards.

[p.] 38

Visits Received in 1807.

Diary Entries (Berg), 1 Jan.–1 Dec. 1807




Maria . . .


Maria . . . . .


Made de Maisonneuve


Me de Maisonneuve


Made de Tessé . . .


Me de Tessé


M. Lajard ..


Me de Maubourg


Made de Cadignan . . .


M. Lajard


M. Barbier Neuville ..


Me de Cadignan


Made de Maubourg


Mlle de Maubourg


Made Pinkney


Me de Grandmaison


M. Pinkney ..


M. et Me de Pougens


Mr. Tudor ..






Maria . . . .


M. Barbier Neuville

Made de Maisonneuve


M. Lajard.

Made de Tessé


Made Gaudy.

Made de Cadignan


Made de Cadignan

M. Lajard


Mr. Humphreys.

Made de Duras.


Mame de Tessé.

Made Ragon


pg 804



Mme de Tessé.

Mme de Maisonneuve.

Mme de Maisonneuve.

Mme de Cadignan.

Mme de Montagu.

Mme Pinkney.

Mme de Grandmaison.

Mlle de Maubourg.

M. de la Jacqueminiere

Mr. Power.

Mlle de la Jacqueminière

M. Norry.

Mme de Beauvau.

M. Ragon.

Adrienne de Chavagnac

Notre cher Oncle.

Mme de Villers.

M. de Boursac

Mme de Pougens.

M. Gassendi

Notre cher oncle —

Mme Gassendi

Mme Amelie de Maubourg

Mlle Gassendi —

M. Lajard.

Mme de Scitivaux.

M. Gassendi.

Mr. Humphreys.

M. de Montagu —

Mme Bazile Junr

Me Ragon.

[p. 51

List of Alexander's Books in his pulpitre chez M. Hix, beginning from October 1st 1807.

Diary Entries (Berg), 1 Jan.–1 Dec. 1807


L'homond Gram.


Fables d'Esope




Diet. Lat.-Gal [see Fabre]


Q. Curti [see Curtius]



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