G. A. Wilkes (ed.), The Complete Plays of Ben Jonson, Vol. 2

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pg 354Prologus

  • 1Not out of envy, for there's no effect
  • 2Where there's no cause; nor out of imitation,
  • 3For we have evermore been imitated;
  • 4Nor out of our contention to do better
  • Editor’s Note5Than that which is opposed to ours in title,
  • 6For that was good; and better cannot be:
  • 7And for the title if it seem affected,
  • 8We might as well have called it, God you good even:
  • 9Only that Eastward, Westwards still exceeds;
  • 10Honour the sun's fair rising, not his setting;
  • Editor’s Note11Nor is our title utterly enforced,
  • 12As by the points we touch at, you shall see;
  • 13Bear with our willing pains, if dull or witty,
  • 14We only dedicate it to the city.

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Editor’s Note
5 opposed to ours in title: Dekker and Webster's Westward Ho, acted by the Children of Paul's late in 1604. Both titles referred to the cry of the Thames watermen
Editor’s Note
11 enforced: arbitrarily imposed, i.e. some scenes do occur east of London
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