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Kathleen Mary Tillotson, Graham Storey, and Angus Easson (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 7: 1853–1855

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MS Mr C. V. Bliss.

Tavistock House | Nineteenth April 1853.

Mr. Charles Dickens presents his compliments to Miss Florence Marryatt and begs to say that he will be happy to subscribe for five copies of her song.2 If they be delivered to Mr. Wills at the Household Words office, he will pay the subscription.

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Editor’s Note
1 Misspelt by CD. Florence Marry at (1838–99; DNB), daughter of Capt. Frederick Marryat (1792–1848; DNB: see Vol. i, 339n), prolific novelist, playwright, writer on spiritualism, actress and singer. Author of Life and Letters of Captain Marryat, 2 vols, 1872; ed. London Society, a monthly magazine, 1872–6. Married June 54, at 16, in Penang, Thomas Ross Church, later Colonel Madras Staff Corps; afterwards, Major-Gen., in command of Madras Volunteer Guards (d. 1926). They were clearly divorced (not mentioned in DNB), since in 1890 she married, as her second husband, Col. Francis Lean, Royal Marine Light Infantry.
Editor’s Note
2 No song by the 15-year-old Florence has been discovered; probably one of her father's, found in MS in his desk (Life and Letters, ii, ix), which Florence may well have had printed privately by subscription from her father's friends.
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