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Kathleen Mary Tillotson, Graham Storey, and Angus Easson (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 7: 1853–1855

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V, 120.29.   Replaces catalogue extract.To WILLIAM JERDAN, 8 JULY 1847

MS Mr Peter Harries.

Broadstairs, Kent. | Eighth July 1847.

My Dear Jerdan

I shall be in town on the evening of Saturday the 17th. and shall not return here until the Manchester and Liverpool plays for Leigh Hunt—and poor unhappy Poole—are over.1 But I am afraid my managerial duties will hold me employed, every evening, from that 17th. until the 25th—both inclusive. After the latter date, I could do anything in an honest way; and, whate'er betide, I must see Andersen.2

What do you say? If I don't hear from you, I will go to the Garrick at half past one on Sunday the 18th. on the chance of meeting you. If I don't meet you, I will leave a card for you there, with the address at which I shall be staying. If Parliament should have risen, I hope it may be my own house (in which case I could give you and Andersen and one or two more a passable breakfast) but my tenant—MP and Alderman to boot, which is frightful to contemplate—has the right of staying until the end of the month, if he see reason.

  •                               Ever My Dear Jerdan | Cordially Yours
  • W. Jerdan Esquire                              Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
2 Doubly underlined Hans Christian Andersen.
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