Samuel Johnson

David Nichol Smith and Edward L. McAdam (eds), The Poems of Samuel Johnson (Second Edition)

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  • 1Grown old in courts, thou art not surely one
  • Critical Apparatus2Who keeps the rigid rules of ancient honour;
  • 3Well skill'd to sooth a foe with looks of kindness,
  • Critical Apparatus4To sink the fatal precipice before him,
  • 5And then lament his fall with seeming friendship:
  • 6Open to all, true only to thyself,
  • 7Thou know'st those arts which blast with envious praise,
  • Critical Apparatus8Which aggravate a fault with feign'd excuses,
  • Critical Apparatus9And drive discountenanc'd virtue from the throne:
  • 10That leave the blame of rigour to the prince,
  • Critical Apparatus11And of his every gift usurp the merit;
  • 12That hide in seeming zeal a wicked purpose,
  • 13And only build upon another's ruin.

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Critical Apparatus
II 2 Who] That Thraliana i, ii
Critical Apparatus
4–5 him … his] them … their Thraliana i
Critical Apparatus
8 Excuse Thraliana i
Critical Apparatus
9 drive] chase Thraliana ii
Critical Apparatus
11 And yet of every Thraliana i, ii
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