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38 matchless,] constant, Lytt

57 And] See! Lytt

71 For] Say, Lytt

81 powerful] glorious Lytt

Lytt comments 'Powerful at his rising does not seem quite proper.'

107 Abodes] abode, 52dd

109 th'unfetter'd Mind,] the Mind of Man, Lytt

117–25 del. Lytt


  • Herbs, Flowers, and Fruits; while round thy beaming Car
  • The Zephyrs downy-wing'd, the timely Rains,
  • Of bloom ethereal the light-footed Dews,
  • Attend, and aid thy fertilizing Ray. Lytt

130–3 del. Lytt

134 Power, Lytt

134+ Ev'n to the secret Cavern darting deep. Lytt

143–6 And star-like sparkles with collected Light. Lytt inserts

147–8 after 152.

153 deeper] brighter Lytt

161–5 Assumes a mimic Life. The Desart joys Lytt

176–8 del. Lytt

185–91 del. Lytt

192 broad-] wide Lytt [as 27–38]

208–9 By gelid Founts to muse, while Tyrant Heat, Lytt

210 rapid] cruel Lytt

231 And at th' extremest border of the shade Lytt

278 Strikes] Stalks Lytt

303 evanescent] undistinguishd Lytt

421 Borrow'd] Received Lytt

451 Wrath!] rage Lytt

469 Ye groves high-arched! ye bowery thickets, hail! Lytt

473 sallying] chrystal Lytt

532 better] moral Lytt

533 and] or Lytt

540 rous'd] awed Lytt

551 del. Lytt

624 on] in 52pd62d

645 footnote perpendicular] vertical 5862d

669 Lytt notes 'The Locust Tree is one of the largest and most shady Trees in the Indies.'

672 Brow] Mount Lytt

701 new paragraph 5862d

737 plumy] featherd Lytt

741 lent] gave Lytt


  • Proud Montezuma's realm, whose plumed Troops
  • With various Splendour glitterd o'er the Field; Lytt

790 roll‸ Lytt

812 manly] full-grown Lytt


  • And gathering many a flood, and swell'd with all
  • The copious treasures of the humid sky, Lytt

912 Lytt expands as follows:

  • This Child of vengeful Nature! Various tribes
  • Of these infest the Woodland Paths, or glide
  • Athwart the sandy Plains. There also fired
  • By the strong influence of the torrid Clime

pg 315

959 these] those 52dd57

968 broad,] forth Lytt

984 footnote Terms for] names of 52dd62d

1010 Heav'n-inspir'd] truly great Lytt

1030–1 Woods,/Impenetrable Shades] Shades,/Impenetrably deep Lytt

1096 Th'infuriate] the burning Lytt

1096+ Or pours forth torrent Streams of Liquid Fire. Lytt

1154–5 They wore alive; and there the frowning Bull, Lytt

1175 blooming] opening Lytt

1192 and] or Lytt

1193–4 del. Lytt

1195 Heavy with] Presaging 5862d

1206 He 52pd 5862d

1226–7 A purer azure. Thro' the lighten'd air 5862d Lytt


  • Diffusive, shine: a glittering robe of joy,
  • Invests the fields, and Nature smiles around. Lytt

1232 Invest the fields; and nature smiles reviv'd. 5862d

1242–3 del. Lytt

1338 Retired unseen by her: but first these lines, Lytt

1341 sacred Eye] tender Glance Lytt

1348–9 So bending tries to veil its naked charms. Lytt

1356 Her sudden] At once her Lytt

1398 To sweet retirement happy lovers steal, Lytt

1427–8 5862d add the following footnote: In his last sickness.

1427–8 and for their Pope implore/The healing God; del. Lytt

1435 softly-] sweetly- 52dd

1446 merciful] temperate Lytt

1448 float] wave Lytt

1449 Waves: and] Harvests: Lytt

1451 blackening] well-fed Lytt

1469 Despising Death in every Form, and first Lytt

1470 in] on 52dd62d [as 27]

1479 Illustrious are thy Princes: Alfred first Lytt

1481 And peacefull Wisdom, more heroic still, Lytt


  • And Muses venerate: the best of Kings!
  • Then bright thy Edwards and thy Henrys shine, Lytt


  • That awes her Genius still. Nor less renownd
  • For wisest Policy and manly Strength
  • Of Mind thy Virgin Queen. In Statesmen thou Lytt

1535–40 First Bacon rose, deep, comprehensive, clear, Lytt

1549 del. Lytt

1551–63 Lytt expands as follows:

  • By him instructed Boyle with pious search
  • Amid the dark recesses of his works,
  • The great Creator sought, and Knowledge fix'd
  • On sure Experiment, not Systems vain.
  • Thine too, Britannia, thine sagacious Locke,
  • Who taught the Human Mind itself to know,
  • It's Powers unfolded and it's limits markt,
  • With cautious Modesty supremely wise:
  • And Newton, pure Intelligence, whom God
  • To Mortals lent, to trace his boundless Works
  • From Laws sublimely simple. Lo! to These
  • In every Land th' admiring Sages bend
  • And Them their Masters own! nor far behind
  • The generous Ashley stands, the friend of Man;

etc. as 1552–5. Then:

  • How sweet the Concert of thy various Bards
  • Poetick Island! Hark! they strike the Lyre,
  • Harmonious Dryden, Waller, Denham, Rowe,
  • Gay, Prior, and judicious Addison:
  • But see! with perfect Art the Hand of Pope
  • Now tunes the strings! around the Graces dance,
  • And Wisdom's sober Ear approves the Song.
  • Of all thy numerous Wits, Britannia, This
  • pg 316The most correct! But nobler Fame belongs
  • To Genius more sublime. For lofty sense,

1571 blowing] smiling Lytt

1572 Verse] Lays Lytt

1573 The gentle] Inventive Lytt

1577 native] lively Lytt


  • Sharp with keen Satire, strong with nervous Sense
  • And moral Truth, shines through the darkening cloud
  • Of Gothic Barbarism around him thrown. Lytt

1598 Shore] shores 52dd62d

1601 like] as 52dd62d

1605 white] mild Lytt

1645 him] such Lytt

Then 1630–46 del. Lytt

1671 panting Height] steep ascent Lytt

1693 Sudden to Heaven] To heav'ns high cope Lytt

1698–1710 Lytt expands as follows:

  • Unrival'd reigns. Now, when the whole-some Nights
  • Are free from noxious Damps, serene and mild;
  • Forth let me walk, and view each glittering Star
  • That decks with gentle Light th' unclouded Sky.
  • Nor burn these heavn'ly Lamps for Man alone.
  • To various Systems of dependant Orbs
  • Bright Day, and animating Heat they give.
  • The Life-infusing Suns of other Worlds.
  • Struck at the Sight with pious Awe my Soul
  • Adores the great Creator's Pow'r, and feels
  • How small a Portion of his Works contains
  • Th' aspiring Sons of Man, and bounds their Pride
  • In narrow Limits. On th' effulgent Scene,
  • While fix'd I gaze, the lambent Lightnings shoot
  • Across the Sky; or horizontal dart,
  • In wondrous Shapes: by fearful murmuring Crouds
  • Portentous deemd. But greater still their Dread
  • If from the void Immensity of Space
  • Returning, with accelerated Course,
  • The rushing Comet to the Sun descends;
  • Then as he blazes in the Front of Night,
  • With awfull Train projected o'er the Heavens,

1706 dread] dead 52pd62q

1713 mystic] groundless Lytt

1720 While] When Lytt

1722 They see him come, and thro' the Planets roll Lytt

1726 the numerous] th' exhausted Lytt

1728–32 Lytt expands as follows:

  • To yield new Fuel to the wasted Sun,
  • Relume his Beams and feed his sinking Fire.
  •   By Thee, Divine Philosophy, by Thee
  • Conducted, with serene Delight I range
  • O'er Nature's Works, through all the varied Year.
  • Taught by thy Precepts Poetry exalts
  • Her Voice, and animates th' instructive Lay
  • With moral Sentiment and Thought sublime.
  • Hail bounteous source of Evidence, and Truth!

1737–8 Rais'd by thy pow'rfull Aid she springs aloft Lytt

1740 fluttering] groveling Lytt

1741 gains. Lytt

1742–57 del. Lytt

1763 mix'd] form'd Lytt


  • Sustain the publick Weal. While labouring Crowds
  • Ply the tough oar, thy guardian Power directs Lytt

pg 317

1782 Speck] Spot Lytt

1783 Poorly confin'd, the] Art thou confin'd. The Lytt

1784 Are thy exalted range: tis thine to gaze Lytt

1789 she turns] thou turn'st Lytt

1790 Her] Thine Lytt

her] thy Lytt

1795 del. Lytt

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