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pg 252Son: 30.

  • Absence I cannot say thow hyd'st my light
  • not [now Eclipst] darckned, but [quenched] for ay sett is my Sun
  • No day sees mee, not when nights glass is rū
  • I present, bsent ame; vnseen in sight.
  • Nothing but I doe paralele the night
  • in whome all [sense] act of light and heate is doō
  • Shee that did all in mee, all hath vndoon
  • I was loues cradle once, now loues graue right
  • Absence I vsde [of] to make [my plaints of] my mone to thee
  • when thy clowdes stayde my ioies they did not shyne
  • but now I may say ioies: cannot say mine
  • Absent I want all what I care [most] to see
  • present I see my cares [reiected grown] auaile mee not
  • [Absent I ame forgot: present not know̄] present not harckned to, absent forgot.


pg 253Editor’s Note Sonnet 30

  • Editor’s Note1Absence, I cannot say thou hid'st my light,
  • 2Not darkened, but for ay set is my sun;
  • 3No day sees me, not when night's glass is run;
  • Editor’s Note4I present, absent am; unseen in sight.
  • 5Nothing but I do parallel the night,
  • 6In whom all act of light and heat is done:
  • 7She that did all in me, all hath undone;
  • 8I was love's cradle once, now love's grave right.
  • 9Absence, I used to make my moan to thee,
  • 10When thy clouds stayed, my joys they did not shine;
  • 11But now I may say 'joys', cannot say 'mine'.
  • 12Absent, I want all what I care to see,
  • 13Present, I see my cares avail me not:
  • 14Present not hearkened to, absent forgot.

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Editor’s Note
See head-note to Sonnet 23. This middle poem of the widely spaced three addressed to Absence and all revolving round the Presence versus Absence theme asserts that presence and absence are equally painful
Editor’s Note
1–8 cf. the first quatrain of the sonnet by Daniel first published in Syr P. S. His Astrophel and Stella (1591) and in a revised version in the second of the two editions of Delia published in 1592:
  • My cares draw on my everlasting night,
  • In horror's sable clouds sets my life's sun,
  • My life's sweet sun, my dearest comfort's light,
  • Shall rise no more to me, whose day is done
Editor’s Note
4 cf. AS 60: 13 'Whose presence, absence, absence presence is'.
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