John Bunyan

Graham Midgeley (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 6: The Poems

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XLVIThe Boy and Watch-maker

  • 1361  This Watch my Father did on me bestow,
  • 1362A Golden one it is, but 'twill not go,
  • 1363Unless it be at an Uncertainty;
  • 1364But as good none, as one to tell a Lye.
  • 1365  When 'tis high Day, my Hand will stand at nine;
  • 1366I think there's no man's Watch so bad as mine.
  • 1367Sometimes 'tis sullen, 'twill not go at all,
  • 1368And yet 'twas never broke, nor had a Fall.


  • 1370  Your Watch, tho it be good, through want of skill,
  • 1371May fail to do according to your will.
  • 1372Suppose the Ballance, Wheels, and Spring be good,
  • 1373And all things else, unless you understood
  • 1374To manage it, as Watches ought to be,
  • 1375Your Watch will still be at Uncertainty.
  • 1376Come, tell me, do you keep it from the Dust?
  • 1377Yea wind it also duly up you must.
  • pg 249Critical Apparatus1378Take heed (too) that you do not strain the Spring;
  • 1379You must be circumspect in ev'ry thing.
  • 1380Or else your Watch, were it as good again,
  • 1381Would not with Time, and Tide you entertain.


  • 1383  This Boy an Emblem is of a Convert;
  • 1384His Watch of th'work of Grace within his heart.
  • 1385The Watch-maker is Jesus Christ our Lord,
  • 1386His Counsel, the Directions of his Word.
  • 1387Then Convert, if thy heart be out of frame,
  • 1388Of this Watch-maker learn to mend the same.
  • 1389  Do not lay ope' thy heart to Worldly Dust,
  • 1390Nor let thy Graces over-grow with Rust.
  • 1391Be oft renew'd in th' Spirit of thy mind,
  • 1392Or else uncertain thou thy Watch wilt find.

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Critical Apparatus
1378 Spring] String 1686
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