John Bunyan

Graham Midgeley (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 6: The Poems

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LIIOn the Kackling of a Hen

  • 1506  The Hen so soon as she an Egg doth lay,
  • 1507(Spreads the Fame of her doing, what she may.)
  • 1508About the Yard she kackling now doth go,
  • 1509To tell what 'twas she at her Nest did do.
  • pg 2541510  Just thus it is with some Professing men,
  • 1511If they do ought that good is, like our Hen,
  • 1512They can't but kackle on't, where'ere they go,
  • 1513What their right hand doth, their left hand must know.

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