John Bunyan

Graham Midgeley (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 6: The Poems

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LXIIOf Physick

  • 1703  Purging Physick, taken to heat or cool,
  • 1704Worketh by Vomit, Urine, Sweat or Stool;
  • 1705But if it worketh not, then we do fear
  • 1706The danger's great, the Person's Death is near.
  • 1707If more be added, and it worketh not;
  • 1708And more, and yet the same's the Patients Lot,
  • 1709All hope of Life from Standers-by is fled,
  • 1710The Party sick is counted now as dead.

pg 2621711Comparison

  • 1712  Count ye the Sick, one: that's not yet converted,
  • 1713Impenitent, Incredulous, Hard-hearted:
  • 1714In whom vile Sin is so predominant,
  • 1715And the Soul in it's Acts so conversant;
  • 1716That like one with Diseases over-run,
  • 1717This man with it at present is undone.
  • 1718  Now let the Physick be the Holy Word,
  • 1719(The Blessed Doctrine of our Dearest Lord.)
  • 1720And let the Doses to the Patient given
  • 1721Be, by Directions of the God of Heaven.
  • Editor’s Note1722Convincing Sermons, sharp and sound Rebukes,
  • 1723Let them be Beggars, Knights, Lords, Earls or Dukes:
  • 1724You must not spare them, Life doth lie at Stake,
  • 1725And dye they will, if Physick they don't take.
  • 1726  If these do finely work, then let them have
  • 1727Directions unto him that can them save.
  • 1728Lay open then the Riches of his Grace,
  • 1729And Merits of his Blood before their Face.
  • 1730Shew them likewise, how free he is to give
  • 1731His Justice unto them, that they may live.
  • 1732If they will doubt, and not your Word believe,
  • 1733Shew them, at present they have a Reprieve;
  • 1734On purpose they might out their Pardon sue,
  • 1735And have the Glory of it in their view.
  • 1736  Instances of this Goodness set before
  • 1737Their Eyes, that they this Mercy may adore.
  • 1738And if this Physick taken worketh well,
  • 1739Fear Not a Cure, you save a Soul from Hell.
  • 1740  But if these Doses do not kindly work,
  • 1741If the Disease still in their Mind doth lurk:
  • 1742If they instead of throwing up their Vice,
  • 1743Do vomit up the Word, loath Paradice:
  • 1744Repeat the Potion, them new Doses give,
  • 1745Which are much stronger, perhaps they may live:
  • 1746But if they serve these as they serv'd the rest,
  • 1747And thou perceiv'st it is not to them Blest:
  • pg 2631748If they remain incorrigible still,
  • 1749And will the Number of their Sins fulfill;
  • 1750The Holy Text doth say that they must dye;
  • 1751Yea, and be damned without Remedy.

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Editor’s Note
261. Poem LXII. The general image of the poem springs from Matt. 9: 12, 'They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick'.
Editor’s Note
262. 1722. Convincing Sermons: sermons which arouse in the hearer a conviction of his sinfulness.
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