John Bunyan

Graham Midgeley (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 6: The Poems

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XIXOf the Mole in the Ground

  • 724  The Mole's a Creature very smooth and slick,
  • 725She digs i'th'dirt, but 'twill not on her stick.
  • pg 222726So's he who counts this world his greatest gains,
  • 727Yet nothing gets but's labour for his pains.
  • 728Earth's the Mole's Element, she can't abide
  • 729To be above ground, dirt heaps are her pride;
  • Critical Apparatus730And he is like her, who the Worldling plays,
  • 731He imitates her in her works, and ways.
  • 732  Poor silly Mole, that thou shouldst love to be,
  • 733Where thou, nor Sun, nor Moon, nor Stars can see.
  • Critical Apparatus734But oh! How silly's he, who doth not care,
  • 735So he gets Earth, to have of Heaven a share.

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Critical Apparatus
730 Worldling] Wordling 1686
Critical Apparatus
734 silly's] sily's 1686
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