John Bunyan

Graham Midgeley (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 6: The Poems

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XXIIOf the Fly at the Candle

  • 790  What ails this Fly thus desperately to enter
  • 791A Combat with the Candle? will she venture
  • 792To clash at light? Away thou silly fly;
  • 793Thus doing, thou wilt burn thy wings and dye.
  • pg 225794  But 'tis a folly her advice to give,
  • 795She'l kill the Candle, or she will not live.
  • 796  Slap, says she, at it; then she makes retreat,
  • 797So wheels about and doth her blows repeat.
  • 798  Nor doth the Candle let her quite escape,
  • Editor’s Note799But gives some little check unto the Ape:
  • 800Throws up her heels it doth, so down she falls,
  • 801Where she lies sprawling, and for succor calls.
  • 802  When she recovers, up she gets again,
  • 803And at the Candle comes with might and main.
  • 804But now behold, the Candle takes the Fly,
  • 805And holds her till she doth by burning dye.


  • 807  This Candle is an Emblem of that Light,
  • 808Our Gospel gives in this our darksome night.
  • 809The Fly a lively Picture is of those
  • 810That hate, and do this Gospel light oppose.
  • 811At last the Gospel doth become their snare,
  • 812Doth them with burning hands in peices tear.

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Editor’s Note
225. 799: Ape: a fool.
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