W. G. Owens (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 12: The Acceptable Sacrifice; Last Sermon; An Exposition of the Ten First Chapters of Genesis; Of Justification by an Imputed Righteousness; Paul's Departure and Crown; Of the Trinity and a Christian; Of the Law and a Christian; A Mapp Shewing the Order & Causes of Salvation & Damnation

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Only one edition of An Exposition on the Ten First Chapters of Genesis was published in the seventeenth century, in the 1692 Folio edition of Bunyan's works edited by Charles Doe. For a full discussion of the circumstances of publication, see Introduction above, pp. xv–xxiv.


Title-page: [double rule] AN | EXPOSITION | ON THE | Ten First CHAPTERS | OF | GENESIS, | And Part of the Eleventh, [rule]

Collation: Fol. B–L2 ($2 signed). Pages: 76 (i.e. 1–76).

Contents: B1r title and beginning of text, B1v–L2r text, L2V conclusion of text followed by an editorial note: '☞ This is all Mr. Bunyan hath Writ of this EXPOSITION, I as we perceive by the Blank-Paper following the Ma- | nuscript.' Text printed in double columns separated by vertical rules. Ornamental initial letter on B1r. The editorial note on L2V is between rules, and is followed by two rules.

Running Titles: 'An Exposition on the | Ten First Chapters of GENESIS.', pages 2–75, between rules from page 17; page 76 has 'An Exposition, &c.' Variants: pages 2 and 4 have full stop after 'An'. In addition to the running titles, from pages 2–76 the chapter of Genesis being discussed is indicated (as 'Chap. I.' etc.) at the extreme right of the verso and at the extreme left of the recto.

Catchwords: (selected) B4V his C4v the D4V CHAP. E4V Meditations, F4r (for-)bid G1r (Mes-)sengers G1v (Commu-)nion; G3r (re-)specteth H2V Per_ [Persecution] H4r (tole-)rated 13r Fargiveness [Forgiveness] K3r (Cover-)ing L2V O F

Copies examined: Bedford Public Library (five copies); Bodleian Library, Oxford; British Library; Bunyan Meeting Library, Bedford (two copies); Cambridge University Library; Guildhall Library, London.

The text that follows is based on the British Library copy of the 1692 Folio. Obvious printer's errors in spelling, punctuation, and other typographical matters have been silently corrected. Substantive emendations to the text have been noted in the apparatus, as have mistaken scriptural references, which are corrected in the text. All biblical quotations have been left exactly as Bunyan cited them. Significant differences in wording from the AV (which pg 98was Bunyan's main text, though occasionally he also drew on the Geneva Bible), together with missing references, are recorded in the Notes to the Text.

One slightly odd feature of the 1692 Folio text, which has been retained in the present edition, may be mentioned here. In addition to biblical references and other commentary placed in the margins, a series of numbers, in this case from 1 to 294, is included. These do not seem to bear any relation to the structure or content of the text, and are probably merely the page numbers of Bunyan's original manuscript.

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