John Donne

Helen Gardner (ed.), John Donne: The Divine Poems (Second Edition)

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pg 72

  • 1Oh my blacke Soule! now thou art summoned
  • 2    By sicknesse, deaths herald, and champion;
  • Critical Apparatus3Thou'art like a pilgrim, which abroad hath done
  • Critical Apparatus4Treason, and durst not turne to whence hee's fled,
  • 5Or like a thiefe, which till deaths doome be read,
  • 6Wisheth himselfe delivered from prison;
  • 7But damn'd and hal'd to execution,
  • Critical Apparatus8Wisheth that still he might be'imprisoned;
  • 9Yet grace, if thou repent, thou canst not lacke;
  • 10But who shall give thee that grace to beginne?
  • 11Oh make thy selfe with holy mourning blacke,
  • 12And red with blushing, as thou art with sinne;
  • 13Or wash thee in Christs blood, which hath this might
  • 14That being red, it dyes red soules to white. (IV)

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Critical Apparatus
2.3. 'art] art 1633
hath] had TCD, O'F (b.c), W
Critical Apparatus
4 to] from Dob, O'F (b.c)
hee's] hee is 1633
Critical Apparatus
8 be'] be 1633
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