Norma Dalrymple-Champneys and Arthur Pollard (eds), George Crabbe: The Complete Poetical Works, Vol. 2

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Adventures of Richard (Tales of the Hall IV) 327
Adventures of Richard Concluded (Tales of the Hall VI) 354
Advice; or, The 'squire and the Priest (Tales XV) 197
Arabella (Tales IX) 122
Bertha 842
Boys at School (Tales of the Hall III) 315
Brothers, The (Tales XX) 262
Brothers, The (Tales of the Hall II) 309
Captain Godfrey 839
Cathedral-Walk, The (Tales of the Hall XX) 619
Chelsea Pensioner. Pensioned Serjeant (plot-note) 853
Confidant, The (Tales XVI) 209
Convert, The (Tales XIX) 249
Coroner's Inquest, The 766
Daniel and Dorcas. Fraternal Affection (plot-note) 852
Delay has Danger (Tales of the Hall XIII) 500
Doctor's Ghost, The 744
Dumb Orators, The; or, The Benefit of Society (Tales I) 12
Edward Shore (Tales XI) 143
Elder Brother, The (Tales of the Hall VII) 365
Ellen (Tales of the Hall XVIII) 589
Ellen (plot-note) 857
Flirtation. A Dialogue 677
Frank Courtship, The (Tales VI) 85
Gentleman Farmer, The (Tales III) 40
Gretna Green (Tales of the Hall XV) 534
Hall, The (Tales of the Hall I) 299
Insanity of Ambitious Love, The 665
Introduction to Sophia 788
Jesse and Colin (Tales XIII) 168
Lady Barbara; or, The Ghost (Tales of the Hall XVI) 547
Lady Frances, The 844
Laurel, The 772
Learned Boy, The (Tales XXI) 274
Lover of Virtue, The 737
Lover's Journey, The (Tales X) 132
Maid's Story, The (Tales of the Hall XI) 445
Mother, The (Tales VIII) 111
pg 1010Natural Death of Love, The (Tales of the Hall XIV) 522
Old Bachelor, The (Tales of the Hall X) 424
Parting Hour, The (Tales II) 26
Patron, The (Tales V) 65
Preceptor Husband, The (Tales of the Hall IX) 413
Procrastination (Tales IV) 55
Resentment (Tales XVII) 226
Ruth (Tales of the Hall V) 341
Sir Owen Dale (Tales of the Hall XII) 475
Sisters, The (Tales of the Hall VIII) 388
Smugglers and Poachers (Tales of the Hall XXI) 631
Sober Family, The. Robert and Samuel (plot-note) 851
Sophia, see Introduction to Sophia Squire of Eldon, The 749
'Squire Thomas; or, The Precipitate Choice (Tales XII) 157
Struggles of Conscience, The (Tales XIV) 183
Susan 831
Suspicious Lover, The (plot-note) 855
Tales 1
Tales of the Hall 291
Tracy 807
—Plot-notes 830
Tragic Tales Why 787
''twas in a Country of so fair a kind' 791
Visit Concluded, The (Tales of the Hall XXII) 649
Wager, The (Tales XVIII) 240
Widow, The (Tales of the Hall XVII) 574
Widow's Tale, The (Tales VII) 99
William (plot-note) 849
William Bailey (Tales of the Hall XIX) 599
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