Stanley Wells, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, and William Montgomery (eds), The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works: Original-Spelling Edition

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  • king richard the second

  • the queene, his wife

  • Iohn of gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Richards Vncle

  • Harry bullingbrooke, Duke of Hereford, Iohn of Gauntes sonne, later king henry the fourth

  • duchesse of glocester, wife of Gaunt and Yorkes brother

  • Duke of yorke, King Richards Vncle

  • dutchesse of york

  • Duke of aumerle, their sonne

  • Thomas mowbray, Duke of Norfolke

  • greene

    followers of King Richard

  • Percie, Earle of northumberland
    harry percie, his sonne
    Lord rosse
    Lord willoughby

    of Bullingbrookes partie

  • Earle of salisbury
    Bishop of carleil
    Sir Stephen scroope

    of King Richards partie

  • Lord barkly

  • Lord fitzwaters

  • Duke of surrie

  • abbot of Westminster

  • Sir Pierce exton

  • lord marshall

  • heralds

  • captaine of the Welch Army

  • ladies attending the Queene

  • gardener

  • Gardeners men

  • Extons men

  • keeper of the prison at Pomfret

  • groome of King Richards stable

  • Lords, Souldiers, Attendants

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