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A. U. C. 784, A.D. 31 (Nov. and Dec.). L. Fulcinus Trio, P. Memmius Regulus, coss. suff.

B. V. Ch. 6–9. Punishment of persons connected with Seianus. 6. Address of a friend of Seianus to his friends. 7. His suicide before condemnation. 8. Death of P. Vitellius; peril of Pomponius Secundus. 9. Execution of the two younger children of Seianus.

Ch. 10. Appearance of a false Drusus in Asia and Achaia. 11. Charges brought against each other by the two consuls.

A. U. C. 785, A.D. 32. Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus, M. Furius Camillus Arruntius Seribonianus, coss.

B. VI. 1. Tiberius visits the suburbs of Rome, and abandons himself to profligacy at Capreae. 2. His reply to the absurd proposal of Togonius Gallus. 3. His resentment at a proposal by Junius Gallio respecting the praetorians. 4. Latinius Latiaris punished on the information of Paconianus; the quarrel between Trio and Regulus suppressed. 5. Cotta Messalinus acquitted at the request of Tiberius. 6. Mental agony betrayed in his letter on the subject. 7. Several persons condemned. 8, 9. Spirited speech and acquittal of M. Terentius; several of the highest rank attacked. 10. Others put to death at Capreae; L. Piso the praefectus urbis dies a natural death.

11. Origin and history of this 'praefectura.' 12. Question respecting an alleged Sibylline book. 13. Dangerous discontent at the high price of corn. 14. Certain Roman knights condemned for conspiracy; Fabatus put in custody for leaving Italy.

A. U. C. 786, A.D. 33. Ser. Sulpicius Galba, L. Cornelius Sulla Felix, coss.

Ch. 15. Marriage of two daughters of Germanicus to L. Cassius and M. Vinicius. 16, 17. Financial, crisis arising out of an attempt to enforce strictly the laws of usury; history of the subject. 18. Several persons condemned, especially the descendants of Theophanes of Mitylene. 19. Sex. Marius put to death; general execution of all those detained in prison on the charge of conspiracy. 20. Gaius Caesar married to the daughter of M. Silanus; his servile demeanour; prediction of Tiberius respecting Galba. 21. Instruction received by him in astrology from Thrasyllus at Rhodes. 22. Exposition of the prevalent theories respecting chance and fate. 23, 24. Deaths of Asinius Gallus, and of Drusus son of Germanicus; insincere statement of Tiberius respecting the former, and brutality shown towards the pg 590latter. 25. Death of Agrippina, and imputations cast upon her by Tiberius. 26. Suicide of Cocceius Nerva, and of Plancina, widow of Cn. Piso. 27. Julia, daughter of Drusus, married to Rubellius Blandus; death of Aelius Lamia, Pomponius Flaccus, M'. Lepidus.

A. U. C. 787, A.D. 34. Paullus Fabius Persicus, L. Vitellius, coss.

Ch. 28. Alleged appearance of the phoenix in Egypt; narrative of legends respecting it. 29. Suicide of Pomponius Labeo and Mamercus Scaurus, and of their wives Paxaea and Sextia. 30. Some accusers punished; bold line taken by Lentulus Gaetulicus.

A. U. C. 788, A.D. 35. C. Cestius Gallus, M. Servilius Nonianus, coss.

Ch. 31–37. Disturbances in the East.

31. Parthian embassy to Rome to complain of Artabanus, who had set his son on the throne of Armenia. 32. Tiberius sends out Phraates, brother of Vonones, and, after his death, Tiridates, as a claimant to the throne of Parthia, and instigates Mithridates to occupy that of Armenia; Vitellius made legatus of Syria. 33. Mithridates seizes Armenia; Orodes son of Artabanus sent against him. 34, 35. Battle, and defeat of Orodes. 36. Artabanus fails to recover Armenia and is himself driven out of Parthia, and forced to take refuge with the Scythians. 37. Advance of Tiridates, supported by Vitellius, into Mesopotamia.

Ch. 38. Death of Fulcinius Trio and other persons. 39. Tiberius near Rome; death and character of Poppaeus Sabinus.

A. U. C. 789, A.D. 36. Q. Plautius, Sex. Papinius Allenius, coss.

40. Death of Tigranes, once king of Armenia, Aemilia Lepida, wife of Drusus, and others. 41. Suppression of a rising of the Cietae in Cappadocia. Ch. 42–44. Further account of affairs in the East.

42. Tiridates received at Seleuceia, and crowned king at Ctesiphon by the Surena.

43. Some of the nobles form a new plot to restore Artabanus. 44. Artabanus collects troops and advances rapidly; retreat of Tiridates, who is deserted by all, and takes refuge in Syria.

45. Great loss by fire in Rome; munificence of Tiberius.

A. U. C. 790, A.D. 37. Cn. Acerronius Proculus, C. Petronius Pontius Nigrinus, coss.

Ch. 46. Tiberius aware of the court paid by Macro to Gaius; his hesitation to name an heir, and prediction to Gaius. 47. Albucilla charged with crimes in which Domitius, Vibius Marsus, and Arruntius are involved. 48. Suicide of Arruntius; Albucilla imprisoned. 49. Suicide of Sex. Papinius.

Ch. 50, 51. Last moments and death of Tiberius.

50. His failing health and last journey to Misenum; advice of Charicles, and measures taken by Gaius and Macro; circumstances of his death (March 16) in the seventy-eighth year of his age. 51. Vicissitudes of his life; his character at various periods.

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