Henry Furneaux, H. F. Pelham, and C. D. Fisher (eds), The Annals of Tacitus, Vol. 2: Books XI–XVI (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 61Book XII: Summary of Contents

Ch. 1–4. Intrigues respecting the selection of a wife for Claudius.

1, 2. Agrippina, Lollia Paulina, Aelia Paetina recommended on various grounds.

3, 4. Agrippina preferred: she employs Vitellius to induce Claudius to annul the betrothal of Octavia to L. Silanus.

A. U. C. 802, A. D. 49. C. Pompeius, Q. Veranius, coss.

Ch. 5–9. Marriage of Claudius to Agrippina, and events connected with it.

5, 6. Vitellius induces the senate to legalize the marriage. 7. Marriage and political influence of Agrippina. 8. Suicide of Silanus, and exile of Calvina. Seneca recalled from exile, made praetor, and instructor of young L. Domitius. 9. Octavia betrothed to Domitius.

Ch. 10–21. Affairs in the East.

10, 11. Meherdates son of Vonones sent from Rome on request of Parthian nobles, and conducted to the Euphrates by L. Cassius, legatus of Syria. 12, 13. Dilatory action of Meherdates in Armenia and Mesopotamia: local worship of Hercules. 14. Meherdates defeated through the treachery of Izates and Acbarus: subsequent death of Gotarzes: short reign of Vonones, who is succeeded as king of Parthia by Vologeses. 15–17. Mithridates tries to recover the Bosporan kingdom, and is resisted by Cotys, aided by a Roman force, and Eunones king of the Aorsi, who besiege and take Uspe, and force Zorsines king of the Siraci to submit. 18–21. Mithridates takes refuge with Eunones, is delivered to Claudius, and brought to Rome.

Ch. 22–24. Other events of the year.

22. Agrippina procures the banishment and death of Lollia Paulina, and exile of Calpurnia. 23, 24. Privilege granted to senators belonging to Gallia Narbonensis: Ituraea and Judaea, vacant by the death of Sohaemus and Agrippa, added to Syria. Revival of the 'Salutis augurium'. Claudius extends the pomerium of Rome: its ancient limits described.

A. U. C. 803, a. d. 50. C. Antistius Vetus, M. Suillius Nerullinus, coss.

Ch. 25, 26. Claudius persuaded by Pallas to adopt Domitius, who becomes Nero Caesar. Agrippina receives the title of 'Augusta': neglected condition of Britannicus.

Ch. 27–30. Affairs in Germany.

27, 28. The capital of the Ubii made a colony and named after Agrippina. The Chatti, who had made predatory attacks on Upper Germany, forced to submission by P. Pomponius. 29, 30. Vannius, formerly made king of the Suevi by Drusus, driven out by his subjects, takes refuge in Roman territory: his nephews Vangio and Sido divide his dominion between them.

Ch. 31–40. Affairs in Britain.

31. P. Ostorius, the new legate, checks attacks on the friendly tribes, and quells pg 62a rebellion of the Iceni. 32. The Decangi ravaged, the Brigantes repressed; a colony founded at Camulodunum. 33. The Silures resist under Caratacus, who transfers the seat of war to the Ordovices. 34, 35. Caratacus defeated in a great battle: his wife and daughter prisoners: his brothers submit. 36, 37. Caratacus given up to the Romans by Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes: his arrival at Rome and reception there. 38, 39. Unsuccessful subsequent warfare against the Silures: death of Ostorius. 40. A. Didius, sent as legatus, drives back the Silures: a Roman legion assists Cartimandua against her former husband Venutius, who had attacked her and renounced the Roman alliance.

A. U. C. 804, A. D. 51. Ti. Claudius Caesar Aug. Germanicus V, Ser. Cornelius Orfitus, coss.

Ch. 41–43. Affairs at Rome.

41. Nero assumes the toga virilis: various honours decreed to him: contrast between his position and that of Britannicus, whose attendants are replaced by creatures of Agrippina. 42. Afranius Burrus made praefect of the praetorians through Agrippina, who also protects Vitellius from an accusation. 43. Prodigies recorded: famine in Rome, and popular discontent shown towards Claudius.

Ch. 44–51. Affairs in the East.

44. Pharasmanes, king of the Hiberi, incites his son Radamistus to plot against Mithridates king of Armenia. 45–47. War between the two kingdoms: Radamistus, aided by a Roman praefect, takes Mithridates prisoner by treachery and puts him and his sons to death. 48. Quadratus, legatus of Syria, dissuaded by his advisers from taking a vigorous course. 49. Paelignus, procurator of Cappadocia, bribed by Radamistus to support him in seizing Armenia. 50, 51. Vologeses sets up his brother Tiridates as king of Armenia, and invades the country. Radamistus at length forced to fly: his wife Zenobia saved from death and taken captive.

A. U. C. 805, A. D. 52. Faustus Cornelius Sulla Felix, L. Salvius Otho Titianus, coss.

Ch. 52. Furius Camillus Scribonianus exiled: astrologers expelled from Italy. 53. Honours decreed to Pallas. 54. His brother Felix procurator of Judaea and Samaria. 59. Rebellion of the Clitae in Cilicia put down by king Antiochus. 56, 57. Ceremony of opening the tunnel made to drain lake Fucinus: Agrippina blames Narcissus for the failure of the work.

A. U. C. 806, A. D. 53. D. Iunius Silanus, Q. Haterius Antoninus, coss.

Ch. 58. Marriage of Nero to Octavia: his speeches for Ilium and Bononia: freedom given back to Rhodes. 59. Suicide of Statilius Taurus under a false charge got up by Agrippina. 60. Judicial authority of procurators established: contrast with previous enactments. 61. Immunity given to the people of Cos. 62, 63. Remission of tribute granted to the Byzantines.

A. U. C. 807, A. D. 54. M. Asinius Marcellus, M'. Acilius Aviola, coss.

Ch. 64–69. Agrippina resolves to kill Claudius.

64. Prodigies announced: Agrippina, conscious of her danger, causes the death of Domitia Lepida. 65. Narcissus boldly takes up the cause of Britannicus. 66, 67. He is obliged by illness to leave Rome: Agrippina profits by his absence to poison Claudius by the help of Locusta and Xenophon. 68, 69. Oct. 13. The death of Claudius kept secret till all arrangements were made: Nero saluted as imperator by the soldiers and confirmed by the senate: funeral and deification of Claudius.

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