John D. Baird and Charles Ryskamp (eds), The Poems of William Cowper, Vol. 3: 1785–1800

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The editors are grateful to those who have permitted them to study and publish from manuscripts in their possession: the Misses C. and A. Cowper Johnson, and Miss M. Barham Johnson; the late Miss C. M. Bull; the late Arthur A. Houghton, Jr.; the late Robert H. Taylor; the late Sir Robert Throckmorton, Bt; the Bodleian Library; the British Library; the Cowper and Newton Museum; the Fitzwilliam Museum; the Harvard University Library; the Hertfordshire County Record Office; the Henry E. Huntington Library; the Pierpont Morgan Library; the Osborn Collection; the Carl H. Pforzheimer Library; the Princeton University Library (the Hannay and Povey Collections of William Cowper); the John Rylands Library; the Yale University Library; and two private owners.

Thanks are also due to the libraries whose staff and general collections have supported our research: the British Library; the Princeton University Library; the E. J. Pratt Library of Victoria University, Toronto; the John P. Robarts and the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library of the University of Toronto.

For advice and help of various kinds we wish to thank: Ms. Renu Barrett; Professor G. E. Bentley, Jr.; Professor J. M. Bigwood; Dr. W. Robert Connor; Dr. Robert Cox; Professor J. R. deJ. Jackson; Professor James King; Dr. Richard Landon; Professor T. J. Luce, Jr.; Professor R. M. Maniates; Professor Jay Macpherson; Dr. Robert Martin; Dr. Stephen Parks; Miss Dorothy Povey. The musical illustrations in volumes II and III were prepared by Mr. Andrew Zinck.

In this volume, the reproduction of William Blake's engraving of the portrait by Heins of Cowper's mother appears by courtesy of the McMaster University Library.

Throughout this project we have turned to, depended upon, and occasionally argued with the Bibliography of William Cowper to 1837 by Norma Russell (Lady Dalrymple-Champneys). Her personal interest in our work has been a constant source of encouragement. In the preparation of volumes II and III, the edition of the Letters and Prose Writings of William Cowper by James King and Charles Ryskamp has been an indispendable work of reference. Our debt to previous editors of the poetry, especially Robert Southey, is considerable. Special pg vithanks are due to John Bell, Kim Scott Walwyn and Frances Whistler of the Oxford University Press for their patience and support over many years.

John Baird acknowledges with gratitude the long-sustained financial assistance of first the Canada Council and then its successor, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Further financial assistance was provided at various times by the American Council of Learned Societies, the University of Toronto, and Victoria University. Eileen Coumont Baird, through her unfailing confidence that it would be finished, and in many practical ways, has made it possible to finish this edition.

As he completes the ninth and tenth volumes he has helped to edit for the Clarendon Press, Charles Ryskamp would particularly like to thank two former editors at the Press, the late Dan Davin and Jon Stallworthy, both distinguished writers as well as editors, for their encouragement and great help during the years when he was working alone on these various projects.

Finally, these volumes are dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Povey, who did not live to complete his own edition of Cowper's poetry.

The reprinting of this volume enables us to incorporate the relevant items from the article 'The Poems of William Cowper, Volumes II and III: Addenda and Corrigenda', Notes and Queries, ccxlii, June 1997, 227–8, and to make a few other small improvements. We take the opportunity also to thank Professor Nicholas Halmi, Professor Desmond Neill, and Professor C. A. Silber for assistance. The additional musical illustration was prepared by Mr. Eric Ross.

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