Christopher Smart

Karina Williamson and Anne Becher (eds), The Poetical Works of Christopher Smart, Vol. 6: A Poetical Translation of the Fables of Phaedrus

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pg 54fable vi. The EAGLE, Carrion CROW, and the TORTOISE.

  • 1No soul can warrant life or right,
  • 2Secure from men of lawless might;
  • 3But if a knave's advice assist,
  • 4'Gainst fraud and force what can exist?——
  • 5  An Eagle on a Tortoise fell,
  • Critical Apparatus6And mounting bore her by the shell——
  • 7She with her house her body skreens,
  • 8Nor can be hurt by any means.
  • 9A Carrion Crow came by that way,
  • 10'You've got, (says she) a luscious prey;
  • 11But soon its weight will make you rue,
  • 12Unless I shew you what to do.'
  • 13The captor promising a share,
  • Critical Apparatus14She bids him from the upper air
  • 15To dash the shell against a rock,
  • 16Which would be sever'd by the shock.
  • 17The Eagle follows her behest,
  • 18Then feasts on Turtle with his guest.
  • 19  Thus she, whom nature made so strong,
  • 20And safe against external wrong,
  • 21No match for force, and its allies,
  • 22To cruel death a victim dies.

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Critical Apparatus
fable vi. 6 her] him 1765
Critical Apparatus
14 him] her 1765
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