Christopher Smart

Karina Williamson and Anne Becher (eds), The Poetical Works of Christopher Smart, Vol. 6: A Poetical Translation of the Fables of Phaedrus

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fable iii. JUPITER and the FOX.

  • Editor’s Note1A Nature, which in grain is mean,
  • 2Nor wealth can hide, nor pow'r can skreen.
  • 3  When Jove had chang'd, by sov'reign might,
  • 4A Fox into a lady bright,
  • 5Enthron'd at court she shew'd her head,
  • 6As partner of the royal bed;
  • 7But seeing with a wishful look
  • 8A beetle creeping from a nook,
  • 9She from her lover sprung away,
  • 10And jump'd upon the usual prey.
  • 11The Gods laught hearty at the dame,
  • 12The mighty father blush'd for shame,
  • 13And as he turn'd the minx adrift,
  • 14'Go where you will (says he) and shift,
  • 15Whose sneaking nature is so base
  • 16Our gifts and honours to disgrace.'

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Editor’s Note
iii. 1 in grain: innately (see PW v, note on Sat. i. iii. 217).
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