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The commentary is principally organized by Burton's own divisions of the text into Partitions, Sections, Members, and Subsections: a centred heading indicates where each new division begins, and the relevant one is also reported in the running-head at the top of the right-hand page.

Within these main divisions, the commentary is further subdivided, using line-spaces, into the material belonging to any one page of the text (volumes 1–3 of the present edition). The first commentary note after each line-space is preceded by the volume-, page-, and line-number (or footnote-letter) of the text, in the form 3.7:1. [volume 3, page 7, line 1] or 3.17:w. [volume 3, page 17, footnote w]; thereafter, just the line-number or footnote-letter is used until the next line-space and next full reference. Shoulder-heads at the top of the Commentary pages also give the full references: on left-hand pages, to the matter appearing at the top of the page; on right-hand pages, to the matter appearing at the bottom. pg xii

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