William Wordsworth

Alan G. Hill (ed.), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 8: A Supplement of New Letters (Revised Edition)

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  • Address: To the Revd Joseph Wilkinson, Thetford, Norfolk. Single Sheet.
  • Stamp: Kendal.
  • MS. WL.
  • Prose Works, ii. 141.

[c. Mar. 1810]

My dear Sir,

Herewith is matter for two more numbers; I shall send for two additional ones in a couple of days.—You will probably judge best to print matter for two numbers with each month as [you]2 have only six months before you, and your numbers are 12.

Yours most truly          

W. W.  

My Br Dr Wordsworth seeing by chance a specimen of your work put down his name then as a Subscriber, being so much pleased with it. Pray let a copy of as good impressions as you can command be sent for him to the Palace at Lambeth immediate[ly] if [ ] not been forwarded elsewhere [ ] received there.3


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Editor’s Note
1 Illustrator of Select Views in Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire (see EY, L.172, and MY pt. i, L.176), for which W. W. had agreed to supply prose descriptions. This letter is written on a manuscript draft in S. H.'s hand of 'Section II' of Select Views, and may have been added when S. H. completed her copying some time before she left Grasmere for Hindwell in mid-Mar. 1810, or subsequently, when W. W. judged the moment right to send Wilkinson more copy. The letter perhaps follows MY pt. i, L. 187, therefore. For a full discussion of the composition and dating of 'Section II', see Prose Works, ii. 125–7, 139–41.
Editor’s Note
2 Word dropped out.
Editor’s Note
3 MS. torn.
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