William Wordsworth

Alan G. Hill (ed.), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 8: A Supplement of New Letters (Revised Edition)

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  • Address: John Wordsworth Esq., Trinity College, Cambridge. [In S. H.'s hand]
  • Postmark: 15 Apr. 1826.
  • Stamp: Kendal.
  • Endorsed: My Uncle to dear John. Testimonial for Birmingham.3
  • MS. Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Hitherto unpublished.

15 Apr. 1826

… We shall be glad to see Owen4—If Chris: be with you remember me to him affectionately, and believe me my dear nephew most faithfully yours

Wm Wordsworth

Dora is returned from Keswick5 and sends her love, as does her mother.—

William6 had a severe attack of the nettle rash a few days ago, with fever—these liabilities to disease prevent us from sending him to School, by which his progress in books is much retarded—

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Editor’s Note
2 C. W.'s eldest son. This letter follows LY pt. i, L. 223.
Editor’s Note
3 The endorsement is puzzling. John Wordsworth was not quite 21 at this date, and in the middle of a brilliant career at Trinity College, Cambridge. This year he won the University Porson prize for Greek verse, the Second Latin Declamation prize at Trinity, and a College scholarship; but he was not elected to a Fellowship till 1830. It is inconceivable that he could have contemplated leaving the University at this juncture for a post in Birmingham for which he was not yet fully equipped. On the other hand, he was an unsuccessful candidate for the Headmastership of King Edward's School in Apr. 1838, and W. W. wrote him a testimonial (LY pt. iii, L. 1227). It seems very likely therefore that the endorsement was added to the wrong letter by mistake after John Wordsworth's death (1839), when his papers were being put in order.
Editor’s Note
4 Charles Lloyd's son, educated at Trinity, and later curate of Langdale.
Editor’s Note
5 She had been visiting the Southeys.
Editor’s Note
6 Willy W.
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