Gary Taylor and John Lavagnino (eds), Thomas Middleton, Vol. 2: Thomas Middleton and Early Modern Textual Culture: A Companion to the Collected Works

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pg 674THE SUN IN ARIESEdited by David M. Bergeron

The Sun in Aries (STC 17895; BEPD 367) is the only Middleton pageant text not printed by Nicholas Okes; Edward Allde's shop printed Aries. This quarto text has two sheets. The compositor who set sheet B clearly determined to fit everything possible on that sheet so that an additional one would not be needed. Therefore, the font changes from sheet A to sheet B as the printer uses a much smaller Roman type. By contrast, for example, the text of the 1619 pageant, Triumphs of Love and Antiquity, only some 160 lines longer than Aries, nevertheless runs onto sheet D.

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Text: Works, 1589

Authorship and date: this volume, 421


Previous Editions

  • The Progresses of King James the First, ed. John Nichols (1828), vol. 4

  • Thomas Middleton, Works, ed. Alexander Dyce (1840), vol. 5

  • Thomas Middleton, Works, ed. A. H. Bullen (1886), vol. 7

  • Burridge, Christina Jean, A Critical Edition of Four Entertainments by Thomas Middleton for the Drapers' Company. Dissertation, University of British Columbia, 1978


99 standard-bearers] allde (Standerbearers)

130 pyramids] allde Pyramid's; the plural seems required by the description that precedes the speech (94–8).

175 new standard] this edition; not in allde. The speaker is inferred from the lines that follow, such as the reference to 'Fame fixed upon my head' (177), a feature of the actual, newly restored, conduit.

195 o' late] allde (alate)

219 aries] this edition; not in allde

228 gem] allde (Iem)

283 it; all] ‸‸ ‸, allde. The change in punctuation puts the emphasis on all that has been bestowed on the mayor in this pageant entertainment.

312 Christmas] allde (Crifmas)


Copies collated: Huntington, British Library, and National Library of Scotland.

Sheet A (inner forme)Sig. A2

10–11 Simon and] simon and nls; simon bl, hn

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