William Ewart Gladstone

H. C. G. Matthew (ed.), The Gladstone Diaries: With Cabinet Minutes and Prime-ministerial Correspondence, Vol. 12: 1887–1891

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  • Hawarden Castle.
  • 29 September 1884.

Now I have finished my noisy journey—Is your quiet trip to Scotland also at an end and have you resumed your place in Grosvenor Square, all the better and stronger I hope for the fresh air

I had fresh and wonderful experience of the depth and fervour of the Scottish character—exceeding even what I have seen before.

It is not improbable that I may have a forced run to London this week or next. But I know nothing yet, except that Fate chains me to London in the week beginning Oct 19.

Have you seen the Biography of a remarkable woman, Eliza Fletcher, attached though of English birth to the Free Church of Scotland.1 If not may I send it you.

I am hoarse as a crow but in other respects thank God wonderfully well.

I saw Kinnaird at his beautiful place:2 he was in no way ill, but he looked and moved as an old man.

Wishing you all blessings     Ever yours            WEG


1 E. Fletcher, Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher of Edinburgh (1874); see 7 Sept. 84.

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