P. J. Marshall and William B. Todd (eds), The Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke, Vol. 7: India: The Hastings Trial: 1789-1794

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The following manuscript collections are cited in this volume by short title:

Add. MSS.

Additional Manuscripts, British Library, London.

James Ford Bell MSS.

Manuscripts in the James Ford Bell Library of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

MSS. at Northampton

Fitzwilliam MSS. on deposit at Northamptonshire Record Office, Northampton; part of the Fitzwilliam Burke collection, owned by the Earl Fitzwilliam and originally at Milton, Northamptonshire.

MSS. at Sheffield

Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments on deposit at Sheffield City Libraries, Sheffield; the larger part of the Fitzwilliam Burke collection and the papers of the 4th Earl Fitzwilliam, owned by Earl Fitzwilliam and originally at Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorkshire.


The Oriental and India Office Collections of the British Library, London. [Formerly India Office Library and Records.]

The following printed works are cited in this volume by short title:

Bond, Speeches

Speeches of the Managers and Counsel in the Trial of Warren Hastings, ed. Edward Augustus Bond, 4 vols., London, 1859–61.

Commons Journals

Journals of the House of Commons.

Commons Sessional Papers

House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century, ed. Sheila Lambert, 145 vols., Wilmington, 1975.


The Correspondence of Edmund Burke, ed. T. W. Copeland and others, 10 vols., Cambridge and Chicago, 1958–78.

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Corr. (1844).

The Correspondence of Edmund Burke between 1744 and 1797, ed. Earl Fitzwilliam and Sir Richard Bourke, 4 vols., London, 1844.

History of Trial

The History of the Trial of Warren Hastings, Esq., 8 pts., London, 1796.

Lords Journals

Journals of the House of Lords.


Minutes of the Evidence taken in the Trial of Warren Hastings, Esquire … at the Bar of the House of Lords, in Westminster Hall, upon an Impeachment for High Crimes and Misdemeanours, London, 1788–95, various volume arrangements. For a modern facsimile reprint, see House of Lords Sessional Papers, Session 1788–95: The Trial of Warren Hastings: Minutes of the Evidence, ed. F. W Torrington, 10 vols., Dobbs Ferry, 1974.

Parl. Hist.

The Parliamentary History of England from the Norman Conquest in 1066 to the Year 1803, ed. W Cobbett, 36 vols., London, 1806–20.

Parl. Reg.

The Parliamentary Register or History of the Proceedings and Debates in the House of Commons …, ed. J. Debrett, 45 vols, 1780–96.

Reports from Committees

Reports from Committees of the House of Commons, 12 vols., London, 1803–6.


The collected series of Burke's Works, published in many editions, of which the following are cited specifically:

Works (1792–1827)

The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Collected in Three Volumes, London, 1792. Further volumes were added to this, the first, quarto edition, in 1802, 1812, 1813, 1821, and 1827.

Works (Bohn)

The Works of Edmund Burke, 8 vols. (Bohn's British Classics), London, 1854–89.

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