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Noel Malcolm (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes, Vol. 7: The Correspondence, Vol. 2: 1660–1679

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letter 16730 june [/10 july] 1664Hobbes to John Aubrey, from London

Bodl. MS Aubrey 12, fo. 164 (original, in the hand of James Wheldon); BL MS Egerton 2231, fo, 192 (transcript).

Printed in Tönnies, 'Analekten', p. 312.

Noble Sir

Your Letter from Paris I receiued yesterday,1 and for feare you should leaue the Towne before my answer came, I thought fit to write it to day. Though I haue not much to say more then that I am glad that you arriued there without preiudice to your health, and that I approue of your designe to see the Loyer and the country of Brittany, and that about Geneua.2 For though you assigne your selfe lesse time perhaps then those Iourneys require, yet I see you meane to husband all your time to your best advantage. I haue nothing to add but my wishes for your safety, and the continuance of your health, which is not to be despaired of in one that can temper himself from excesses, and especially in fruit, as you can. I remaine

  • Sr
  • Your most humble & affectionate seruant
  • Thomas Hobbes.

London June 30th 1664.

pg 621[postscript:] I had my Telescopes (or rather my Lord of Newcastles) some from Rome, some [>from] Florence,3 but there be as good made at London.

[addressed:] A Monsieur

Monsieur Aubray Gentilhomme Anglais chez Monsr de Houlle4 dans le Cloistre de St. Iulien le pouure au Roche d'or; deuant la fontaine de St. Seuerin pres du chastelet

A Paris5

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Editor’s Note
1 This letter has not apparently survived,
Editor’s Note
2 Hobbes had seen the Loire valley and Geneva in his journeys in 1629–30 and 1634– 6, but it is not known whether he had visited Brittany.
Editor’s Note
3 The Marquess of Newcastle's collection of seven telescopes (four made by Eustachio Divini in Rome, two by Evangelista Torricelli in Florence, and one by Francesco Fontana in Naples) was acquired by Hobbes in Paris in 1648 for 106 pistoles (NUL MSS Pw 1 668 (Cav. Misc. 120) and Pw 1 406 (Cav. Misc. 43)). Hobbes sold the collection to the third Earl of Devonshire in 1659 for £80 (Chatsworth, MSS Hobbes E, 3 and Hardwick 33, entries for Apr. 1659).
Editor’s Note
4 Unidentified.
Editor’s Note
5 'To Mr Aubrey, English gentleman, staying with M. de Houlle, in the churchyard of Saint-Julien-Le-Pauvre, at the sign of the golden rock; in front of the fountain of Saint-Sèverin, near the Châtelet, Paris'.
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