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The index covers the Introduction, names in the Editorial Preface (both parts indicated by roman numerals), Locke's text, and Appendix I (indicated by italicized page-numbers). Locke's manuscript index A and his lettered margin-notes have been taken into account.

Aaron, Richard I. xcvii n. 3
Abbey, Charles J. xxix n. 2
Abrams, Philip lxxxi n. 2, lxxxvi n. 2
Acontius, Jacobus lxii, lxvi n. 2, lxxviii
Acosta, Uriel xxx, xxxvi
adiaphora, see indifference, matters of
adoption (of mankind) 114, 202, 214
'advantages by Christ', see saviour, needs for
'Adversaria Theologies' viii, xxv, lxviii–lxix
heathen belief in cv, 161–2
rewards and punishments in l n. 5, lxxii n. 3, xciv–xcvi, 12–13
Amsterdam xxx
Anabaptists lxxxv
Anacharsis 150
Andrew, St 34, 188, 191
Annesley, Arthur, earl of Anglesey 146 n. 4
Annunciation 113, 190, 195
anointing 120–1
Anselm, St lxxi
anticlericalism xxi
antinomianism xix
Apollos 32, 190
commission to cx, 59, 60, 106
'ignorance' 65, 73, 96, 102
preaching 25–33, 60
responsibility of stewardship 126
simplicity 89–90, 150
see also disciples
Apostles' Creed li, lvii, lxvii, lxviii, 98, 109
Aristippus 151
Arminianism xvii, xxv, lxxiv; see also Nonconformists
Arnobius lxxiii n. 2, 204
articles of faith xxi–xxii, li, lii–liii, lxi–lxvii, 64
complete in Christ's earthly teachings 103, 105
concomitant articles xxiv, lii, lxxv, 105, 107, 164
ordained by God alone 167–8
problem of unequal opportunities lxvi, 108–9, 164–71
Ascham, Anthony lxxxiv
Ashcraft, Richard xx n. 1, xxxiii n. 4, c n. 6, ci n. 1, 163 n. 5
assent xvii, xxiii, xxxii, xxxiv, c, cxii, cxiv, 30, 149, 169; see also belief; faith
Astbury, R. xl n. 2
atheism xxix
capital offence xlix, l
John Edwards and xliii, xlvi
Athenians 144
atonement xxxv–xxxvi, li, lxxi, lxxii, 18, 140, 142 n. 2, 206, 213; see also justification; redemption; satisfaction
Atwood, William 146 n. 4
Aubrey, John lxvi n. 2
Bagshaw, Edward, jun. lxxxi
Bainton, Roland lxii n. 1
baptism 29, 111, 186
Baxter, Richard lxvii
man compared with xcv n. 2, 211, 214, 217
sacrifice of 18 n. 1, 206, 213
Becconsall, Thomas xlviii
and consent xc
faith as act of xvii–xviii, xix
Hobbes and lxxix
in immortality xxv
pg 252in Jesus as Messiah xxiv, xxv, xliv, xlviii, lxiv, 22–5, 30, 33, 53–4, 64, 69, 108–10, 184, 218
necessary xxi, lii, 104, 105, 107, 167, 202
in one God xxiv, xliv, 22, 31, 144–7
in resurrection and ascension of Jesus xxiv, 25–6, 186
in teachings of Jesus xxiv, 167–71, 185
see also assent; Christians, required beliefs for; faith
Benson, George xxxvii n. 2
Bentley, Richard xxix
Bias of Priene 150
Bible xvi, xix
interpretation of xx, xxiii, xliii
as religion of Protestants lxiii, lxv
see also Scripture
Blount, Charles xxix, xxx
Bodleian Library xxxix, xl n. 1, xlviii, cxxix
Bodley, Thomas xxxix
Bold, Samuel xxx
in defence of Reasonableness liv–lvi
Bolingbroke, Henry St John, 1st viscount xli
Bonville, John cxxii–cxxiii
Bourne, H. R. Fox xl, lxxxv n. 4, lxxxvi n. 3
Boyle, Robert xxix, lxxxiv
Boyle Lectures xxix
Brandenburg, Elector of lxxxiv
Bread of Life 61–2
breath 211, 216–17
Breda, Declaration of lxxxi
Brutus 153
'bulk of mankind', see mankind, greatest part of
Burnet, Thomas lxvi n. 1
Burns, Norman T. lxxiii n. 2, 15 n. 3
Burthogge, Richard 15 n. 3
Bury, Arthur lxvii
Calvin, John xviii, xxvi, xl, lxii n. 1, 5 n. 2, 108 n. 3, 127 n. 2, 141 n. 1
and Christ's three offices 120 n. 2
Calvinists lxxiv, lxxxv
Cambridge, University of xlviii
Candle of the Lord 140
Cassius 153
Castellio, Sebastian lxii, lxxviii
Catholics, see Roman Catholics
and limits of knowledge c
of salvation lxiii
whether attained by reason xxxii, xxxiv
whether derived from revelation 156–7
Charles II xv, lxxx, lxxxi
Chatelain, Zacharie cxxxi n. 5
Cheynell, Francis lxvi n. 2
Chillingworth, William xxii, lxxiv, lxxviii
cited by Unitarians lxvii
influence on Reasonableness lvii–lviii, lxiv
Locke's 'Essay on Infallibility' lxxxiv
The Religion of Protestants lvi, lvii, lxii n. 2, lxiii, lxv, 205
Christ, see Jesus Christ
Christ Church (Oxford college) xvi
divisions in England xv, lxxx, lxxxi
oral tradition in xxii–xxiii
and political order 45 n. 3
Christians, beliefs required of xliv, lii, lxvi, 22, 30, 31, 33, 64, 108–10, 167–71
ethical obligation for liv
Church of England xv, xix, lxii, lxiv
Trinitarian doctrine lxviii
Church of Rome xxii, lxii, lxiii
Churchill, Awnsham and John
Cicero ['Tully'] 150
civil war xv, lxii
religious conflict and cviii
Clarendon Code lxxxiv
Clarke, Edward xxxi nn. 2, 4, lvii n. 3, 201
Cleopas 189
Cole, Thomas xvi
Collins, Anthony xxi n. 2, cxxix n. 2
'common' faith xviii
common masses, see mankind, greatest part of
concealment, of Jesus as Messiah 40, 44, 47, 61, 68, 74
pg 253 'conduct' of Jesus, see Jesus Christ: caution
confessing of Christ 59
Confucius 150
and natural law xci, 18, 20
Cornelius (centurion) 28
Covel, John xlviii
Covenant 111, 112, 130, 131
Cox, Richard H. lxxxiii n. 3
Cragg, G. R. xxviii
Crellius, Johannes xliv, lviii, lix
Croft, Herbert lxvii n. 2
Crous, Ernst xxvii n. 3
Cudworth, Damaris, see Mashsm, Lady
Cyprian, St 10 n. 4
Daniel cxii, 35
Day of Judgement 133–4
de Beer, E. S. cxxiii n. 3
Adam's fall and ci, 6–11, 113, 199–200, 204
as eternal punishment xlviii, 7–8
as incapacity for goodness 8–9, 214
and individual responsibility ci, 10–11
as loss of being xlviii, 8, 204, 206–7
second 117
for transgressing law of God 12–13, 117, 198–9, 205–7, 218
see also afterlife; dust; immortality;
punishment in afterlife; resurrection; sleep
Decalogue lxvii
Deism xv–xvi, xxvii–xxxviii, 142 n. 3
doctrine of atonement xxxv–xxxvi
knowledge of natural law ciii–civ
Reasonableness addressed to xxvii, xxx, 5 n. 2
religious rationalism xxviii
and supporters of Reasonableness liii–liv
design, argument from xciv
'devils' faith' 109–10
Dewhurst, Kenneth lxxxiv n. 4
Digges, Dudley lxxxiv
Christ's requirements of 126–30
see also Apostles
'A Discourse of Miracles' 158 nn. 2 & 3
Dissenters xvi
concerns of xvii
understanding of doctrine 170
doctrines, simplicity of xxxvii
Dort, Synod of lxii
Drafts for the Essay xcvii–xcviii
Drusilla 132
dust 9, 211, 213, 216–17
Edwards, John xlii, lxi
A Brief Vindication xlvii, 39 n. 3
charge of Hobbism against Reasonableness lxxvi
charge of Socinianism against Reasonableness lxi, lxviii, lxxi, lxxiii–lxxiv
and doctrine of Trinity lxviii, 25 n. 2
indicates Locke as author of Reasonableness xlvi
Locke's response to cxxiv
misunderstanding of Locke xliv
personal attack on Locke xlvii–xlviii, xlix
The Socinian Creed xlvii, lvi, 39 n. 3, 204 n. 1
Socinianism Unmask'd xlvi, lvi, lxvi n. 2, 27 n., 142 n. 2
Edwards, Jonathan (Principal of Jesus College, Oxford) xlviii, lxxvi
Edwards, Thomas xlii
election, doctrine of xviii
Elias 67
Elson, James H. lxvii n. 1
Enthusiasts xciii, cviii
Epicureanism xxix
Epicurus 151
Epiphanius, St, bishop of Salamis 108
Episcopius, Simon xxv, xxx, lxv, lxvi n. 2
and articles of faith xxii–xxiii, 167–8
and Edwards's attack xlv, li, lvii
purpose of 164–7
truth in, and faith 167–9
see also Gospel
Epistola de tolerantia xxxvii, lix, lxxxiv, exiv, 95 n. 1
Erasmus lxii
pg 254 Essay concerning Human Understanding xv, xix, xxxvi
innate ideas xxix, xcii
Milner's report xlix
natural law lxxxix, xcvi–xcix
publication of Reasonableness and xl–xli, xlviii
Stillingfleet and xlvii
Toland and xxxi, xxxvii
'An Essay concerning Toleration' lxxxvi
'Essay on Infallibility' lxxxii–lxxxiv
Essays on the Law of Nature xc, xci–xcvi
as demonstrable science xxxiii n. 4, liv, cv, cvi, 157–8
knowledge of cv, cvi
Evangelium, see Gospel
according to Bold lv–lvi
act of belief xvii, xxxii, 21, 53–4
before arrival, of Christ 21–2, 135, 137–8
assent to propositions xvii–xix, xxiii–xxiv, xxxii, xxxiv, 136, 138
and certainty xxxiv, c, cxi
condition for salvation xviii, xxiv, 21, 22, 110
of 'devils' 109–10
and Dissenters xvii
gift of God xvii, lxxix, 110, 167
historical faith 108–9
Hobbes and lxxviii–lxxx
from Holy Ghost xviii
'justifying faith' 109–10, 118, 119, 127, 128, 130, 132, 134, 135, 169
and obedience 118, 119, 120, 127
relation of, to repentance xvii
in Second Vindication lvii
sufficiency of, in revelation xxxiv, xxxvi, xxxvii, 158
see also articles of faith; belief
Falkland, Lucius Cary, 2nd viscount lvii n. 3, lxii
Fall, the 6, 10 n. 4
Farrar, Adam Storey