Frances St. John [Compton, Gower]

E. S. de Beer (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: The Correspondence of John Locke: In Eight Volumes, Vol. 6: Letters Nos. 2199–2664

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2370. Mrs. Frances St. John to Locke, 30 December [1697] (1806, 2324)

B.L., MS. Locke c. 18, ff. 50–1. Year from Locke's endorsement.

December the 30

It was a very great addition to my Joy, that from your own kinde hand, I should reseive the account of your having in any degree, recovered that ill stake of health you was under at your going out of town, for which I could not but be extreemly troubled

It being a generall misfortune that your streingth will not permitt, without so great Injury to your self, a longer stay in that plaice wherin you are capable of doing so great servis to the Publick, tho' in what soever Corner, of the earth, faite disposes of Good Mr Lock, he will ever be that person, by whome others may benifitt, as I have expeirenced tho' not with such an improv'ment as might be expected under so great an Advantidg in your good Conversation, the reflection of which gives me a pleasant satisfaction, and had great reason to Lament my misfortuan of missing you both hear and at your own Lodgings those few opertunitys pg 285I could get for attempting it, but wish I could make you a vissitt att your chimney Corner were I might Laugh with you, for I promiss I would have no design upon you for runing a race tho' I wish you were able for your own sake:

I am not able to answer those many kinde things My D Father has said to me in his letter, and a seccond part of which I reseived from Cosen Masham, but will reffer my self to your own goodness to beleive how much oblidged I think my self to you for retaining so kinde a rememberence of me whilst self Interist must ingaig me to Love and Value so kinde a Friend as your self, for I must acknowlidg a pride, in that Title by which I desire to Conclud my self your adopted Daughter,

  • and your most oblidged Humble Servant
  • Fra St John

I beg my servis to Lady Masham to whome I shall ever acknowlidg my self obliged very much

Mr St John1 and all hear are your servants, we are not yet without fears of good Sir Walter2 who is often ill

Address: For John Lock Esq'r [at Oates, by Joslyn, Bishops Stortford]

Postmarks: de 30

Endorsed by Locke: F: St John 30 Dec. 97

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Editor’s Note
1 The writer's husband.
Editor’s Note
2 Her father-in-law. He survived until 1708.
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