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Vota pro valetudine mea suscipi per consules et sacerdotes quinto quoque anno senatus decrevit. Ex iis votis saepe fecerunt vivo me ludos aliquotiens sacerdotum quattuor amplissima collegia, aliquotiens consules. 2Privatim etiam et municipatim universi cives unanimiter continenter apud omnia pulvinaria pro valetudine mea supplicaverunt.


Editor’s Note9

13The senate decreed that vows should be undertaken every fifth year by the consuls and priests for my health. In fulfilment of these vows games have frequently been celebrated in my lifetime, sometimes by the four most distinguished colleges of priests, sometimes by the consuls. Editor’s Note2Moreover, all the citizens, individually and on behalf of their towns, have unanimously and continuously offered prayers at all the pulvinaria for my health.

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Editor’s Note
9,1. The four colleges were those of the pontifices, augurs, quindecimvirs and septemvirs; see 7,3 n.
Editor’s Note
9,2. At certain ceremonies of Greek origin statues of the gods were brought from their temples to partake of a sacred banquet, and laid on cushioned couches, ṗulvinaria, like those on which Romans lay when they dined.
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