John Wallis

Philip Beeley and Christoph J. Scriba (eds), Correspondence of John Wallis (1616–1703), Vol. 1: 1641–1659

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pg 590195.Wallis to Frans van Schooten26 November/[6 December] 1659


W Excerpt of (missing) letter sent (quoted from memory in Wallis–Oldenburg 4/[14].X.1673): London Royal Society Early Letters W2, No. 14 (our source)—printed: Philosophical Transactions No. 98 (17 November 1673), 6148; Oldenburg Correspondence X, 278, 282 (English translation).

Wallis wrote this letter after Schooten had sent him a copy of the second edition of Descartes's Geometria, to which Heuraet's Epistola de curvarum linearum in rectas transmutatione, dated [3] /13.I.1658/9, is appended.

1Inventum hoc Heuratii ad ipsum esse, quod ante duos annos invenerat 2Nelius; quodque ex eo tempore apud nostros pervulgatum fuit, et a variis 3demonstratum:

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