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Philip Beeley and Christoph J. Scriba (eds), Correspondence of John Wallis (1616–1703), Vol. 3: October 1668–1671

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154.Wallis to Henry OldenburgOxford, 29 March/[8 April] 1670


W Letter sent: London Royal Society Early Letters W1, No. 107, 2 pp. (our source). On p. 2 beneath address in Oldenburg's hand: 'Rec. March. 30. 70. Answ. Apr. 9. 70.' Postmark on p. 2: 'MR/30'.—printed Oldenburg, Correspondence VI, 601–2.

Answered by: Oldenburg–Wallis 9/[19].IV.1670.

Enclosures: Wallis–Childrey c.29.III/[8.IV].1670 and Wallis–Sluse 29.III/[8.IV].1670.

19Oxford Mar. 29. 1670.


21You have here my answere828 to a letter829 of Mr Childrey's, (which was 22onely an apology for not having sent his Animadversions830 directly to my pg 3421self, but through other hands: &, a desire to see what Answere I give to 2them.) I know not how better to address it to him than through your hands; Critical Apparatus3to whom (I understand by your last831) you are sending.

4As to Mr Hyrne, I know not what he is, nor of what humour. But his 5objections832 are meer mistakes of the Hypothesis: which hee seemes either 6not to have well considered, or not to understand it. Which made me give 7him that suddain & short answere833 the next morning; (wherein yet all 8that is material in his exceptions is fully answered:) &, withal, to set him to 9work, to let us see what those his notions are which render this matter as 10clear to him as any Phaenomenon in nature. By which, if he attempt it, we 11shal be able to make some estimate of the man.

12To Slusius, I have written as you see inclosed.834 I am

  • 13Yours &c.
  • 14J. Wallis.

15I have received the papers835 returned concerning Mr Hyrn; with your indor-16sement: to which this is in answere.

17I onely adde, that Mr Childrey's notion, of the Moon's Apogaeosis (who 18ever it were that made the Objection,) is not at all contrary to my Theory. 19It onely addes another Period, beside those three of which I gave an account Critical Apparatus20(the diurnal, menstrual & annual,) it takes away none of those. And of this 21allso, you see, I was before aware; though, because it was not observed, I 22did not incumber my hypothesis with it.

  • 23These [2]
  • 24For Mr Henry Oldenburg,
  • 25in the Palmal near St James's,
  • 26London.

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