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Philip Beeley and Christoph J. Scriba (eds), Correspondence of John Wallis (1616–1703), Vol. 3: October 1668–1671

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20.John Collins to John PellLondon, 14/[24] November 1668


C Letter sent: London British Library Add. MS 4278, f. 345r–345v. On f. 345r endorsement in Pell's hand: 'Received 16th November'. Postmark: 'NO/14'.

20Reverend Sir

21I have yours174 of the 28 of October. In answer whereto say as to Anderson 22that I thinke I signifyed before that he had high conceits of himselfe, and pg 451perschaunce you have met with something of that nature. The Prop at the 2end of his Booke,175 is irrelative to the rest, and not so full as Bachet.176

3As to Mr Gregorie he is gone home with the Archbishop177 of St 4Andrewes into Scotland who hath praeferred him to a Lectureship at St 5Andrewes. The rest of the said Mr Gregories Bookes published in Italy are 6not yet arrived. He doth indeed cheifely write against Hugenius, though Dr 7Wallis be intended in the latter part of his praeface, and what the said Mr 8Gregorie there answers was wrote in a private Letter178 to my selfe. I have 9not yet received Slusius179 though I thinke I may praesume, it is aboard of a 10ship in the Thames. As to the note inclosed about Tenn pounds, I have this 11to say, that no part of the former that I lent by your request is yet repaid, and 12the which in it selfe is not one Moity of what the L. B.180 oweth mee, from 13whome I have never as yet received any thing, though frequently promised, 14and as soone as accomplished I shall willingly performe your request,181 if I 15continue in the Employment now under his Lordship. But I find it will be 16a laborious Drudgery, and that I can better spend my time in other affaires 17and therefore have thoughts of relinquishing the same. Not else but that 18I am

  • 19London 14th November
  • 201668
  • Your humble Servitor
  • John Collins

  • 21 [345v] To the Reverend Doctor John Pell
  • 22at the house of the right honourable
  • 23the Lord Brereton
  • 24at Brereton
  • 25In Cheshire
  • 26Stonebagg182

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Editor’s Note
175 Booke: i.e. Anderson, Stereometrical Propositions variously applicable, London 1668.
Editor’s Note
176 Bachet: i.e. Claude-Gaspard Bachet, Sieur de Méziriac (1580–1639). His edition of Diophantus's Arithmetica was published in Paris in 1621.
Editor’s Note
177 Archbishop: i.e. James Sharp (1618–79), ODNB.
Editor’s Note
179 Slusius: i.e. Sluse, Mesolabium, 2nd ed., Liège 1668.
Editor’s Note
180 L.B.: i.e. Lord Brereton.
Editor’s Note
181 request: i.e. Pell's request for money.
Editor’s Note
182 Stonebagg: i.e. the postbag for Stone, Staffordshire, on the arterial postal route to Ireland. Cf. Collins–Pell 23.X/[2.XI].1668.
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