Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Cecil Price (ed.), The Letters of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Vol. 1

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pg 233160. To Henry Holland

Gilmore MS.

Address: H. Holland Esq. | Sloane-St:

Dock.: Mr. Sheridan | by Mr. Peake relating | to the Plan of the Theatre


Monday [?] morning

Dear Sir,

Mr. Peake our under-Treasurer will give you this and I send by him a Plan of our Theatre and the Houses1—of which he will give you an explanation.

I wish very much that at least not a moment should be lost in settling our Plan. I was in hopes that our principal impediments were got over. As I am absolutely determined on a new Theatres being built this summer no little difference in settling with Malthus or Wigge can be of such consequence as to lose a week for it—I will meet you at any time on Plans on Thursday | yours ever |

R B Sheridan

Pray have the Plan copied2—as I want mine

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Editor’s Note
1 The proposals of S. and Linley were to build a 'Theatre upon an insulated plan to be surrounded by four rows of Houses'. For 'Holland's Drury Lane' see Ian Donaldson's article in Theatre Notebook, xvi (1962), 90–96.
Editor’s Note
2 Holland submitted the plans of D.L.Th. to the Lord Chamberlain (for the King's approbation) on 16 Jan. 1792: see The Later Correspondence of George III (ed. A. Aspinall, Cambridge, 1962), i. 580.
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