Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Cecil Price (ed.), The Letters of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Vol. 1

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95. To Evan Nepean2

Osborn MS.

Pub.: Morrison Cat. vi. 126.

Dock.: Wedy. 25. August 1784 | R. B. Sheridan Esqr. | E N.

Wednesday Augt. 25th: 1784

Dear Sir,

Will you excuse my requesting your attention to the Case of a man condemn'd at Norwich,3 on whose account I have pg 161received a Letter to be laid before Lord Loughborough1 who is unfortunately out of Town. The Gentleman who interests himself in this matter at Norwich, is Dr: Parr,2 Clergyman of a most respectable Character and great Learning who I am confident would not interfere in a case wholly unworthy of the clemency he solicits, if Lord Sidney3 therefore has the goodness to take the matter into consideration I should hope that notwithstanding Lord Loughboroughs unfortunate absence the poor man might be saved or at least respited. | I have the Honor to be, Dear Sir, | Your very obedient Servant |

R B Sheridan

E. Nepean Esq.

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Editor’s Note
2 1751–1822. He was a professional administrator, and was at this period Under-Secretary for the Home Department.
Editor’s Note
3 Matthew Parker was condemned to death at the Summer assizes of 1784, for house-breaking. Parr petitioned the King and, through the Bishop of Winchester, obtained the support of Pitt for a reprieve. See Parr, Works, i. 150.
Editor’s Note
1 Alexander Wedderburn, afterwards 1st Earl of Rosslyn (1733–1805), was Lord Chief Justice.
Editor’s Note
2 Samuel Parr (1745–1825), classical scholar, was Headmaster of Norwich Grammar School. He had been at Harrow in S.'s day.
Editor’s Note
3 Thomas, Lord Townshend, later 1st Viscount Sydney (1733–1800), was Home Secretary.
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