Cecil Price (ed.), The Letters of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Vol. 3

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H. References in other Correspondence to Lost Sheridan Letters

  • 1. C. J. Fox to the Duke of Portland, 29 Jan. 1784. Pub.: Fox Corr. iv. 276.

    'I have just received a note from Sheridan, who tells me that Pitt has given an answer, and that you must give one at eleven o'clock, and wish to see me first.'

  • 2. Mary Tickell to Elizabeth Sheridan, [24 Aug. 1785]. Folger MS. 'S.'s letter came to T[ickell] about Parr and Tom… .'

  • 3. Mary Tickell to Elizabeth Sheridan, [Oct.—Nov. 1785]. Folger MS. Thomas Linley had a letter from S. about Cobb's opera which S. admitted he had never read.

  • 4. Mary Tickell to Elizabeth Sheridan, [c. Jan. 1786]. Folger MS. Thomas Linley has answered a letter from S.

  • 5. Mary Tickell to Elizabeth Sheridan, 11th [Jan. 1786]. Folger MS. Burgoyne received a letter from S. and expected an epilogue with it, but no epilogue was enclosed.

  • 6. Mary Tickell to Elizabeth Sheridan, 23 Oct. 1786. Folger MS. Thomas Linley has received a good-natured letter of excuse from S. at Chatsworth, 'which consoles him for any neglect'.

  • 7. Elizabeth Sheridan to Mehitabel Canning, Crewe Hall, 8 Dec. [1787]. Canning MS.

    'S. writes me word today, that Mrs. Leigh is safely deliver'd… . S. likewise tells me your Bess is more improv'd in every respect than any creature he ever saw.'

  • 8. Richard Tickell to Joseph Richardson, [c. 1789]. Pub.: Watkins, ii. 227.

    Received a letter from S. on Tuesday.

  • pg 2889. The Duke of Richmond to T. Westley [Oct. 1791]. Winston: MS., 1788–93.

    So far from being likely to send immediate directions to Westley to return the subscription money paid for the Duke's box, S. will allow the Duke every convenience consistent with the interests of the theatre.

  • 10. Dr. James Ford to Richard Ford, Rouen, 18 Jan. 1792. Brinsley Ford MS.

    S. had said that Ford's stay in France was now 'a meer matter of unnecessary caution'.

  • 11. Lady Bessborough to Lord Granville Leveson Gower, Roehampton, [Apr. 1797]. Pub.: Leveson Gower Corr. i. 146.

    'Sheridan very good-naturedly wrote twice also.'

  • 12. Joseph Richardson to John Bannister, 1798. Pub.: J. Adolphus, Memoirs of John Bannister, Comedian (1839), ii. 29.

    Franklin will show Bannister S.'s letter.

  • 13. Richard Nowell to Hammersley and Co., 11 June 1800. Grubbe MS.

    S. had written to Nowell and Butler to secure the postponement of the sale of Grubb's house for a fortnight. The letters were sent before 20 Dec. 1799, and on that date Nowell went to see Butler about the proposal.

  • 14. Dr. Samuel Goodenough to Richard Ford, [1800–1]. Brinsley Ford MS.

    After the interview between S. and Goodenough last Friday, S. wrote to Goodenough to say that the most 'rigorous proceedings possible' would be executed against Westley.

  • 15. Fox to S., [early May 1805]. Pub.: Moore, ii. 333.

    'I did not receive your letter [about Roman Catholic claims] till last night.'

  • 16. Grey to Fox, 5 July 1805. Grey MS.

    A note from S. 'by last night's Post informs me of the Doctor's [Sidmouth's] resignation.'

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