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Walter Graham (ed.), The Letters of Joseph Addison

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pg 155186. To Charles Spencer, Earl of Sunderland

Dublin Castle [Monday] June 20th 1709

My Lord

Yesterday I received the honour of your Lordship's Letter by Mr Young,1 who is arrived here with the Bill after having been detained four days at Holy-head by contrary winds. There was a great Debate in the House whether it shoud be read twice this morning and carried in the Affirmative by Eighty nine against Thirty nine. All who are thought a little Opposite to the Government were in the latter side of the Division, for which reason the speaker appointed Mr Stewart, the Ld Mount-joys Brother, and Mr Nutteley for their Tellers. The Popery Bill is finished. It is chiefly designed to Enforce the Act made on that Subject in 170¾ and to obviate the several Evasions found out by the papists to Elude the Intention of that act. It was very severe at its first Appearance in the House but has been much softned in it's passage through it. Your Lordship will see the name of one Mr Cuffe in the Votes on a petition which occasioned a great party-struggle; but the Whiggs at last carried their point. The House of Lords have lately reversed a Sentence of the Court of Escheats, which has given great Uneasinesse and will probably lose the Crown above Seven or Eight thousand pound. The Sentence Reversed was to oblige the Merchants, who Imported Tobacco upon the Expiring of a former Year's Act of parlament, to pay a Duty imposed on it by a Retrospect in a succeeding Act: for the preventing of which Inconvenience the late Bill was transmitted into England. The Convocation have censured Dr Lambert's Book paragraph by paragraph, but without naming the Authour. I hope All our Bills will be with your Lordship by the End of next Week. The Gentlemen of this Country think themselves much obliged to your Lordship for the dispatch You have given their Last Bill and upon all occasions expresse the highest Esteem and respect for Your Lordship's person and Character.

I am with the greatest Respect My Lord

  • Your Lordship's Most obedient and Most Humble Servt
  • J. Addison.

Address: [London]—PRO, S.P. Ireland 366.

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Editor’s Note
1 Probably Edward Young. See p. 145, n. 2.
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