Joseph Addison

Walter Graham (ed.), The Letters of Joseph Addison

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pg 265323. To Joshua Dawson

[London, Tuesday] Sept. 18. 1711

Dear Sir

I am now at London and have bin twice or thrice at Lady Bellasys's but have not had the good fortune to meet her at home: as soon as I do I will give you an account of it. Mr Pulteney1 tells me he has recd. his last Quarterage from Ireland some time since and I find by m[y] Recept [to] Gledstane that he was to have paid the 73li 18s: on the 22d of the last month; so that I will desire the favour of you to call upon the parties concerned. I find by the publick prints that His Grace2 is returning to Dublin and must desire you to give my Humble Respects to Mr Southwell. I am not able to send you any news, our Accounts of forreign and Domestick affaires varying every day. A peace is the general Talk and in a great forwardnesse if we may believe several who are conversant with our first Ministers. I am Ever Sir

  • Your most Faithfull Humble Servant
  • J. Addison

I must beg ye favour of an answer as soon as you have Leisure

Address: [Dublin Castle]—Guth. copy.

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Editor’s Note
1 John Pulteney who was clerk of the Privy Council in Ireland at this time. See his letter to Edward Southwell on Aug. 3, 1703, regarding his 'leave of Absence' (Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 28558, f. 11), and Calendar of Patent Rolls, July 19, 4 Wm. and Mary.
Editor’s Note
2 The Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant.
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