Frances [Fanny] Burney [D'Arblay]

The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), Vol. 12: Mayfair 1825–1840: Letters 1355–1529

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397a[West Humble, post 18 November 1800]To Charles Burney

A.L. (Burney-Cumming), n.d.

Single sheet 4to 1 p.

Annotated, verso: Madame D'arblay

My dearest Charles,

If this Letter either finds or follows you, pray endeavour to give it one line of answer, relative to the Upholsterer's Time —I (earnestly) wish to defer till I can see him, which will now be shortly, as I expect Mr. d'A certainly in a fortnight— he hopes in less.

I will come up sooner, rather than materially incommode him—but in that case must have day & hour fixed for an interview, that I may not be detained,—& the most perfect incog, preserved—

I hope your poor Rosette is better—

I languish to knew if you are in Cheshire or where?

Alex, has yet Almonds & raisins in high preservation for lesson rewards, which they serve for daily.

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