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The present edition of the Rudens is in the main an abridgement of my larger edition, published in 1891; my object has been to render one of the most amusing and successful of the plays of Plautus intelligible to schoolboys and to passmen at the Universities, and I have accordingly omitted all that is superfluous for these two classes of readers. Critical matter thus disappears, and the notes are reduced in compass and scope. At the same time I have taken advantage of the opportunity of a new edition to introduce into my text and notes such improvements as have been established on a secure basis by the work of Plautine scholars since the appearance of my large edition, so far as could be done without entering into a discussion of critical questions. All further improvements, and the justification for the improvements which I have introduced, I must reserve for the next edition of my larger work.

A brief Appendix, dealing in rough outline with the most prominent features of the metres of dialogue and of prosody, will, it is hoped, meet the needs of students making a first acquaintance with the scansion of Plautus. The lyrical metres are ignored as involving difficulties which beginners cannot be expected to face.

The text and the Appendix on scansion are interleaved to facilitate the collecting of notes and comparison of instances.

My best thanks are due to Professor Seyffert, Professor Postgate and other friends who have from time to time sent me various suggestions, some of which I have embodied in the present edition.

E. A. S.

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