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Editor’s Note
The mood of disillusioned resignation is like that of 72 and Catullus repeats his pathetic paradox. He must still love Lesbia whatever her sins: he cannot have regard for her though she turn saint.
Editor’s Note
1. huc est … deducta … ut : 'my mind has been brought to the point that', of an unwelcome necessity; cf. Val. Max. viii. 1. abs. 6 'satis iam graues eum poenas sociis dedisse arbitrati sunt huc deductum necessitatis ut abicere se tam suppliciter … cogeretur'.*
Editor’s Note
75. 1. deducta: cf. Cic. Att. ii. 18. 2 'universa res eo est deducta spes ut nulla sit'.
Editor’s Note
mea has usually been taken with Lesbia; in spite of his disillusionment she is still mea to Catullus, as she was in 5. 1; so in the bitter 11. 15 she is still mea puella. But mens needs the epithet and the juxtaposition of tua mea is more effective so.
Editor’s Note
2. se officio perdidit … suo : 'brought itself to disaster by its own devotion': Ovid makes a similar point in Am. iii. 3. 38 (of Semele) 'officio est illi poena reperta suo'.
Critical Apparatus
75. 3 uelle queat Lachmann (queam θ‎): uelleque tot V
Editor’s Note
3 f. bene uelle … amare : cf. 72. 8.
Editor’s Note
4. omnia si facias : 'though you should do anything', i.e. stop at nothing, do the worst imaginable.
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