Steven W. May and Alan Bryson (eds), Verse Libel in Renaissance England and Scotland

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POEM 16f

1When that the Eagle soares abroad,

Non omnibus datum153

Editor’s Note2       The snake crepes up to foyle°

Editor’s Note3His Eages,° fearing least once they grown,

Editor’s Note4       Him and his brood should spoile.

Editor’s Note5Paynt a Eagle's nest full of Egges but the Eagle must have his

Editor’s Note6     back turned to the nest, and lett a Serpent ascend up the tree to

7     eat the Egges, and write:

Editor’s Note8Edam nam Corruo si crescant.154

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Editor’s Note
153 Not granted to everyone, with a likely reference to Matthew 13:10–11 as Jesus explains to the disciples that he speaks in parables so they can understand 'the secrets of the kingdome of heaven, but to them [others] it is not given' (Geneva Bible, 1560), in the Vulgate, 'illis autem non est datum'.
Editor’s Note
6.2 snake crepes up] serpent seakes I
Editor’s Note
defile, destroy
Editor’s Note
6.3 fearing . . . grown] affrayd lest once encrest I
Editor’s Note
6.4 should spoile] they moile I
Editor’s Note
6.5 Paynt a] Painte an D
Editor’s Note
6.6–7 to eat] to deuour the eat D
Editor’s Note
6.8 Edam] He crescant. Edam D
Editor’s Note
154 I shall [these], for I am ruined if they hatch.
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