Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition, Vol. 1

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Fol. 11b*Add. III

Enter moore
Critical Apparatus1

  It is in heaven that I am thus and thus

2And that wch we prophanlie terme or fortuns

3Is the provision of the power aboue

4fitted and shapte Iust to that strength of nature

Critical Apparatus5wch we are borne [with,] good god good god

6that I from such an humble bench of birth

7should stepp as twere vp to my Countries head

Critical Apparatus8And give the law ont ther I in my fathers lif

9to take prerogative and tyth of knees

10from elder kinsmen and him bynd by my place

11to give the smooth and dexte way to me

12that owe it him by nature, sure thes things

13not phisickt by respecte might turne or bloud

14to much Coruption. but moore. the more thou hast

15ether of honor office wealth and calling

Critical Apparatus16wch might accite thee to embrace and hugg them

Critical Apparatus17the more doe thou in serpents natures thinke them

Critical Apparatus18feare ther gay skinns wth thought of ther sharpe state

pg 111219And lett this be thy maxime, to be greate

20Is when the thred of hazard is once Spun̄

21A bottom great woond vpp greatly vndonn.

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Critical Apparatus
III.1 It = more It
Critical Apparatus
III.5 with, good jowett2005; good hand c; withal. Good dyce
Critical Apparatus
III.8 I = I. Alternatively = 'Ay,' as in shirley.
Critical Apparatus
III.8 ont Hand C's 'u' often resembles 'n', but there are convincing parallels for the use of 'law' with the preposition 'on': 'The Canon of the Law is laide on him' (King John 2.1.180); 'Yet must not we put the strong Law on him' (Hamlet 13.3).
Critical Apparatus
III.16 accite The part-word 'acce' has been written and crossed out by Hand C before the word ' accite'.
Critical Apparatus
III.16 Hand C first wrote 'acce' instead of 'accite'
Critical Apparatus
III.17 in = in. Alternatively = 'e'en'.
Critical Apparatus
III.18 state hand c; stings taylor
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